I’m Not Trash: Designing Inks & Coatings for a Sustainable Future

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August 26
11 a.m. ET
Natalie Jardell & Gayle Wirthwine

I’m Not Trash: Designing Inks & Coatings for a Sustainable Future

Packaging sustainability has become an increasingly important issue in recent years around the world. As heightened awareness of the human impact on the environment has evolved, consumers have become increasingly concerned about packaging and its role in waste and pollution. Today they, along with governments, NGOs and the industry in general, are seeking ways to achieve a more circular economy.

As a result, brands and their supply chains are investing in new and innovative ways to meet the challenge of developing sustainable packaging solutions that meet the needs of society and the environment, today and into the future—transforming “trash” into the goods of tomorrow!

In this important and innovative webinar, attendees will be presented with two topics that will address inks and coatings developed to support circular economies: designing for the people and designing for the planet.

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Speakers and Presentations

Designing for the People

Presented by Natalie Jardell, Flint Group

Flexible plastic packaging is essential for the avoidance of food waste, providing important product package labeling and content details, and protecting foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other packaged goods, against environmental contaminants. In addition to focusing on the well-being of our plant, presenters will address the well-being of societies and the value of inks and coatings within the essential packaging value chain. And ultimately, the importance of addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Designing for the Planet

Presented by Gayle Wirthwine, Flint Group

Through an interesting dialog approach, presenters will discuss designing inks and coatings for circularity and how these developments can address the bigger sustainability picture, brand commitments and extended producer responsibility.

Addressing the best interest of our planet, topics in this section will focus upon ink and coatings technologies that include options such as those:

  • Developed using biorenewable materials
  • Designed for solvent recovery
  • Which are biodegradeable and/or compostable
  • Are recycling compatible

Topics in this section will focus upon ink and coating technologies that address the best interest of our planet, including:

  • Products developed using biorenewable materials
  • Technologies designed for solvent recovery
  • Products which are biodegradable and/or compostable
  • Recycling-compatible and reusable materials

As well as a brief discussion of material recovery facilities (MRFs).

About Our Presenters

headshot Natalie Jardell

Natalie Jardell, Flint Group

Natalie began her career with Flint Group as a product development chemist, focusing on the design and implementation of solvent- and water-based inks and coatings for the flexible packaging printing industry. Within this role, she became the leading expert for the development of recycling-compatible inks. Natalie has recently transitioned into a new position as sustainability product coordinator, where she dedicates her efforts to the research and development of sustainable inks and coatings for paper and board, and flexible packaging.

Natalie is devoted to the growth of a circular packaging economy and the fight for a healthier global environment. A desire to better future generations drives her daily to improve packaging designs. Prior to Flint Group, Natalie earned her Bachelor of Science from Ball State University as a student-athlete.

headshot Gayle Wirthwine

Gayle Wirthwine, Flint Group

Gayle is the director of product management and development for Flint Group’s flexible packaging segment. With a background in pigments, dispersions and inks, she is committed to changing the outcome for a more sustainable future. By bringing innovative inks and coatings to converters and partnering with all nodes of the value chain, she drives to transform the “war on plastics” mentality into a circular ecosystem reality.