How Sustainability Is Pushing the Boundaries of Flexible Packaging

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February 10
11 a.m. ET
Eduard Boja

How Sustainability Is Pushing the Boundaries of Flexible Packaging

There are two things most revolutions have in common. The first is the number of challenges they present in our lives. The second one is the lack of acceptance-or rather the negationism-they place on a great number of the people who live it.

This has held true for the sustainable packaging revolution. Most of the already ongoing transitions into more sustainable packaging were the main drivers of Big Brands during 2020. At the same time, the business of food service delivery and, consequently, the single-use packaging that revolves around it, have dramatically increased.

Listen to Eduard go through the main challenge both trends are presenting to packaging converters and Big Brands.

About Our Presenter

headshot Eduard Boja

Eduard Boja, Comexi

Eduard Boja is a bilingual telecommunications engineer who is passionate about technology, Industry 4.0 and machinery.

Motivated, customer-oriented and results-driven, Eduard analyzes market trends and business needs to convert them into tangible solutions through portfolio development. A natural-born explorer and curious mind, he is always ready for new challenges and opportunities. Eduard is proficient in the flexible packaging market, having worked in the sector throughout his entire career, interacting with brand owners and suppliers.

In his early days, he provided traceability solutions through one of the most sustainable alternatives available: Laser coding, scoring and marking. Soon after this, Eduard moved into pouch-making machinery to further understand the needs of brands and how they impact final users and the masses. Finally, he stepped into flexible packaging printing, coating/laminating and slitting, to stretch out an understanding of the flexible packaging market to the needs of converters and those around them.

Eduard is extremely committed with the research and development of sustainable alternatives to make the mirage of the Circular Economy a reality, and deliver flexible packaging solutions that are beneficial to the environment.