Awakening the Printer That Lives in All of Us

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July 16
11 a.m. ET
Gary Walton

Awakening the Printer That Lives in All of Us

It might be hard to believe, but millions of people have been exposed to the print industry for generations. Our lives revolve around print, yet most people never realize it’s even there. For the foreseeable future, the unemployment rate will remain at a significant percentage and all 18 manufacturing industries will be vying for the capable, willing workers in this employment pool.

We must step up our game and get out of our comfort zone. Gary’s hope is that after attending this Membernar, your company will implement at least one or two of his suggestions from his booklet Awakening the Printer That Lives in All of Us. If as an industry we don’t, we will not have the people that we need, and other manufacturing industries will employ them first.

Join Gary and learn how to change the situation in the employment pool in your community. Attendees will also receive a complimentary download of his booklet.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Gary Walton

Gary Walton

Gary was originally a press instructor. He has trained himself in the art of color separation, color prepress, advance color printing and now digital color printing, and is now sought for his color expertise. He has consulted and trained printers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and other parts of the country. Gary is devoted to the printing craft and continuously promotes the industry. He has trained more than 3,200 graphic communications students at Cincinnati State.

Gary is genuinely concerned about the progress of education in the printing industry and its growth in Greater Cincinnati. He is not only educating himself and students in the changing technologies of graphic arts but is also a teaching professional in the field. Gary is actively involved in his church, community and industry.