Sandon Global Details Evolving HD Anilox Technology

Sandon Global Engraving Technology Ltd was founded in 2004. Its mission, then and now: Put an unrivaled understanding of print to work in filling the gap and developing high-quality, high-definition anilox rolls. Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, U.K., the firm’s employees collectively possess 250+ years’ experience. Soon to turn 15, Sandon Global’s early, regional presence has … Continued

FTA Member Allison Systems Corp Turns 50

From humble beginning as a pioneer in the pre-finished doctor blade industry to its current position as a leading manufacturer of doctor blades, FTA member Allison Systems Corp has always been committed to providing innovative and quality products, excellent customer service and quick order fulfillment times. March 20 brings a significant milestone as the firm … Continued

Measuring Anilox Volume: FQC’s Gauge R&R Study

In measuring anilox volume, questions inevitably arise about how repeatable and reliable instruments really are because of the sheer number of methods available. A Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) committee was formed to explore that question. Statistics contained in this report were analyzed and compiled by Professor Tim Claypole, MBE, of Swansea University. Kern Cox, lecturer, … Continued