FTA and FFTA Announce 2020-2021 Board Updates

BOHEMIA, NY—FTA has announced the annual updates to its Board of Directors and its Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Joining the pair of governing bodies are Dan Blackburn of Kimberly-Clark Corp and Keith Nagle of Phoseon Technology. “The Association has given so much to me over the last eight years. My first FTA engagement was at FORUM 2012 in San Antonio and ever since then, I’ve been hooked,” said Blackburn. “I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves, pulling out my stopwatch, getting ink under my fingernails and analyzing some data—and influencing the growth of the flexographic industry.”

“This is a tremendous, tremendous honor to me. I’ve spent the last 25 years in our industry, trying to do whatever I can to push it forward. I really enjoy interacting with FTA and look forward to working to help better the Association and the industry it serves,” added Nagle.

Dan Blackburn FTA FFTA Board Headshot
Keith Nagle FTA FFTA Board Headshot

Having completed their terms, Alexander James of Miraclon Corp—exiting as FFTA Board Chair—and James Stone of Fortis Solutions Group—exiting as FTA Vice Chair, Education—relinquish their seats on the Boards. FQC Executive Committee Chair Jean Engelke steps into the FFTA Board Chair position, while Laura Wright, CEO of CSW Inc, succeeds Engelke as the FFTA Board Chair-Elect. Filling Stone’s position is Harper Corporation of America Technical Director Sean Teufler.

“As I rotate off the Board after six years of service, I’d like to take a moment to thank FTA and FFTA, Mark Cisternino and his wonderful staff, for their diligent support and hard work in keeping the organization humming along through many challenges,” said James. “Participating as a committee member, a board member and finishing up my last two year as chair of FFTA have been experiences I’ll always cherish. I encourage everyone to partake in the Association’s various committees and if called upon, participate on the Board level and enjoy the experience of networking with a broad range of folks in our industry.”

The remainder of the FTA Board of Directors and FFTA Board of Trustees is comprised of Doug Bartlett, FTA President Mark Cisternino, JP Delage of Master Packaging Inc (FFTA Vice Chair, Scholarships), Jeff Dietz of Kolbus America/Hycorr (FTA Vice Chair, Suppliers), Johnny Dye of Accredo Packaging (FTA Board Chair), Kim Madigan of Smyth Companies LLC (FTA Vice Chair, Printers/Converters/CPCs), Ron Premo of Printpack Inc (FFTA Vice Chair, Solicitations), Geoff Roznak of Further North LLC (FFTA Vice Chair, Project Evaluations), Jennye Scott of Berry Global (FTA Board Chair-Elect), Kristen Shields of Graymills, Paul Teachout of Anderson & Vreeland Inc and Dale Walbert of G3 Enterprises (FTA/FFTA Treasurer).

“The members of the FTA and FFTA Boards bring a wealth of diverse experience from various segments and leadership positions. Pooled together, the Boards are well-equipped to fulfill their mission—all the more invaluable given how the first half of 2020 has impacted the flexographic printing/converting industry,” said Cisternino. “With their organizational governance and strategic leadership, I am confident we stand ready to identify and overcome challenges that will present themselves in the next 12 months.”


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