X-Rite i1Pro 3 Plus and i1iO Now Support Automated Transmission Profiling for Backlit Signage

GRAND RAPIDS, MIX-Rite Inc and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announce that the i1Pro 3 Plus color measurement instrument now supports automated transmission profiling with the i1iO chart reading system, with the release of i1Profiler v3.3 software. Using the combined iPro 3 Plus with i1iO table, wide-format, signage and industrial printers can quickly and easily automate the creation of ICC profiles for film, textiles, vinyl, paper and other materials used in backlit signage applications.

Backlit displays and signage are now used for everything from trade show booths, POP retail displays, event banners and even interior décor. To achieve consistent and accurate color on a variety of backlit materials, wide-format, signage and industrial printers need spectrophotometers capable of characterizing both the sample material and the light that shines through it.

“With the i1Pro 3 Plus and the i1iO table, printers have a completely automated solution that includes reflection measurements and now transmission scanning for profiling print production devices,” said Ray Cheydleur, printing and imaging product portfolio manager, X-Rite. “Wide-format, signage and industrial printers will see immediate improvements in prepress and production workflows, resulting in more accurate and repeatable color, a reduction of waste, and an increased return on investment.”

The i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer is ideal for calibration and profiling. It comes with the i1Profiler software providing prepress operators with a balance of automation and creative controls to better manage color. The i1Pro 3 Plus features a larger 8 mm aperture to support new materials and substrates used in digital printing applications. The i1Pro 3 Plus simultaneously measures M0, M1 and M2 in a single pass while accounting for optical brighteners and supports transmission scanning for backlit displays. It also offers a new polarization filter that reduces specular highlights and shadows on fabrics and ceramics. With the addition of the i1iO chart reader, the i1Pro 3 Plus can be used in automated measurement workflows, resulting in an easier and faster process from manual readings.

“The i1Pro 3 Plus compliments my existing i1iSis 2 XL and i1Pro 3 (standard aperture) devices for projects where the large aperture, polarized, and transmissive measurements have additional benefit. I achieve better measurements and print quality with fabrics, canvases, plastics, and backlit materials with the i1Pro 3 Plus,” said Scott Martin, founder, Onsight, a leading workflow consultant for print, prepress, design and photography.

The i1Pro 3 Plus with i1iO for transmission scanning is now available. i1Pro 3 Plus and i1io customers can download the free i1Profiler v3.3 software.