Winpak’s Zero-Error Approach Reshapes Packaging

WINNIPEG, MB, Canada–Winpak, a multi-location FTA member with 12 manufacturing facilities in North America, is renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Specializing in a diverse range of packaging solutions, the company serves critical sectors such as dairy, protein, food and beverage and healthcare.

Its expertise spans flexible and rigid packaging, and lidding and machinery. In recent months, a  big hurdle the packaging leader confronted was that traditional manual inspection processes were time-consuming, prone to errors, and increasingly untenable in a competitive market that demanded both perfection and affordability.

The gravity of the situation was succinctly summarized by Jim Imburgia, director of innovation, who stated: “We knew that we weren’t just a cookie cutter operation, and we wanted to be able to have some specialty.” This challenge was not unique to Winpak but is a common stumbling block in the packaging industry, where the margin for error is nil, and the pressure to deliver flawlessly is immense.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Winpak invested in Baldwin’s Guardian OLP (Offline Proofing and Inspection system), along with its Guardian PQV 100-percent inspection system. The combination, including Winpak’s upgrade to the recently introduced PQV 4.0 — has equipped the converter to conduct thorough inspections, whether comparing file-to-file before pressruns or analyzing press samples against approved artwork, ensuring that every product meets stringent quality standards.

Guardian PQV 100-percent print inspection provides complete print quality verification from prepress through production, reporting, and archiving. With a few simple clicks, PQV 4.0 can set up a repeatable process that lowers the technical barrier of entry for newer employees. The system then automates the printing job process, taking the stress out of managing the previously complex tasks.and give you a detailed report for correcting the mistakes.

Guardian OLP verifies that the files used for production by comparing any prepress file or scanned press sample to the customer-approved original in a matter of seconds, advanced software automatically locates and highlights even the smallest of differences in print quality.

Baldwin’s Greg Kallman emphasized the significance of this evolution, stating, “What’s really unique is the depth of technology that Winpak is employing in this facility.” This has revolutionized the way Winpak operates, drastically cutting inspection times and costs, and elevating product quality to set a new industry standard for efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the system’s impact extends beyond the technical, affecting Winpak’s operational dynamics, customer relations and sustainability measures.

“It saved us thousands of dollars,” Imburgia said, highlighting the profound impact the upgrade had on business. “We cut our deliveries in half. It made our company much better.” Furthermore, the Guardian OLP system has empowered Winpak to explore new horizons in packaging innovation. With the pursuit of specialized packaging solutions being where Winpak aims to make its mark, the company revels in the idea of undertaking new projects that require the highest levels of precision and care. This strategic advantage ensures that Winpak remains at the forefront of the packaging industry, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.