Wikoff Color Corporation Debuts Photoflex High Shrink Series

FORT MILL, SCWikoff Color Corp now offers a complete line of UV flexo high shrink inks, available in process colors, Pantone mixing colors and dense black, along with matte and gloss coating options. Branded as Photoflex High Shrink, this series offers up to 90 percent shrink capabilities, giving printers the ability to produce sleek, high impact labels with exceptional on-shelf appeal.

Shrink sleeve labeling is experiencing a period of sustained growth that is not expected to slow down in the foreseeable future. According to a recent survey conducted by the TLMI, when members were asked what new markets they are most interested in entering, the most popular answer was the shrink sleeve market at 17 percent.

Several factors are contributing to the growth of shrink sleeve labels, including cost efficiency, maximum marketing surface area and packaging functionality. With increased demand from a growing market, Wikoff Color’s technical team set to work creating a versatile series that printers can depend on for a variety of shrink applications. Photoflex High Shrink has seen success on PVC, PETG, PLA and EPS foam, and customers are have been impressed with the runability of the inks on press, according to Wikoff Color.

Tony Burns, the quality manager for Inovar Packaging Group, commented, “Wikoff’s Grand Prairie, TX location offers great UV shrink products that work well on our presses. It is a pleasure to work with a really professional support team.”

For more details on how Wikoff Color’s Photoflex high shrink product line can help with all of your shrink sleeve needs, contact your local representative.