UK-Based Alphasonics Opens North American Office in Henrico

RICHMOND, VA—The Greater Richmond Partnership (“GRP”) announces that Alphasonics USA, a UK-based firm specializing in ultrasonic cleaning systems for the print and medical industries, has located a sales office in Henrico County. The Richmond Region successfully competed against locations in North Carolina and Wisconsin.

“We looked into the viability of each location in line with our growth strategy and we decided that Greater Richmond was the place for us,” said Christopher Jones, vice president of Alphasonics. “The Richmond International Airport has great links to all major territories that we want to do business with, no shortage of companies in the state and surrounding states that we want to work with and of course, some pretty nice weather when compared to Liverpool!”

Formed in 1993, Alphasonics has gained a worldwide reputation for technical excellence and unrivalled service in the field of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Currently, the company has more than 1,700 clients worldwide. The company has developed an array of Alphasound products that can be tailored to suit almost any cleaning requirement. The company’s North American target market is the medical and flexographic printing industries. Flexography utilizes a relief plate for printing on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films and paper.

Alphasonics plans to sell equipment from its new Henrico office but has already begun looking at ways to manufacture its products locally for this market after just one year.

“We are delighted to welcome Alphasonics to Henrico County’s growing international community,” said Tyrone Nelson, chairman, Henrico County Board of Supervisors. “Their success in the UK and expansion into the US is proof of their strong leadership. We look forward to helping Alphasonics grow and prosper in Henrico County.”