Rankin is Marketing Coordinator at Pamarco

ATLANTA, GA–Olivia Rankin has joined Pamarco as  marketing coordinator, where she stands eager to leverage her public relations degree from Kennesaw State University and contribute to the company’s growth within the printing and packaging industry. She possesses a strong focus on brand building, aiming to communicate Pamarco’s value proposition effectively and resonate with target audiences.

Rankin’s ability to translate complex technical information into clear and engaging messaging shines through in her work. She understands the importance of industry insights and utilizes them to craft targeted communication strategies that resonate with potential customers. Additionally, her collaborative spirit fosters strong relationships with colleagues and external partners, ensuring seamless execution of marketing initiatives.

Beyond her technical skills, Rankin brings a passion for building genuine connections. This is evident in her ability to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, from industry professionals to everyday consumers. This human-centric approach ensures that Pamarco’s brand messaging resonates on a deeper level, fostering trust and loyalty with its audience.

Rankin stated, “I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of this growing business and to share my experience through fresh new ideas!” She aspires to develop innovative marketing campaigns that not only raise brand awareness but also solidify Pamarco’s position as a leader within the printing and packaging industry.