Lundberg Tech Introduces WasteBagCut for Collecting Waste from Offline Packaging Processes

NEWARK, DELundberg Tech, a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered trim, matrix and waste collection systems for the printing, packaging, converting and associated industries, has introduced the WasteBagCut 140-200 and 200-250X systems for the capturing, cutting, compacting and collection of waste from offline processes associated with flexible packaging and associated applications.

The WasteBagCut system is an ideal collection and waste removal system for startup waste coming from a blown film line, rolls of paper or film (including shrink and stretch) material that have not passed inspection, and any other uncontained rolls of film or paper scrap taking up space on the production floor. It is possible to connect multiple capturing points in order to convey waste over long distances in a factory-wide centralized system. The system consists of a feeder roll for controlling waste transport into the granulator, the granulator for reducing the size and volume of waste material and the WasteTech all-in-one unit to convey the waste to the point of disposal.

Lundberg Tech Inc President Kevin McCloskey said, “Our new WasteBagCut system automatically extracts waste from a range of offline processes including logistics waste, bags, paper, stretch and shrink films, and other types of flexible packaging waste. Both film and paper non-pressure sensitive material can be fed through the system, offering a solution that takes scrap material bulk and sends it through a system that conveys, cuts and bags the waste in one pass. Excess material waste is both a nuisance and a production floor hazard, and Lundberg’s WasteBagCut systems help to create a more efficient and safer production environment.”