Infigo and Trustpilot to Host Webinar on Setting Up an E-Commerce Website

SUSSEX, EnglandInfigo is pleased to announce its partner Trustpilot as a guest speaker at its upcoming webinar.

The increasing importance of an online presence has motivated businesses to look for innovative and automated systems that can help them adapt to new customer behaviors and demands. During this live session, the hosts will discuss some of the core areas a web-to-print solution offers to fulfill these needs and help businesses in the printing and packaging industries grow in 2021.

Infigo CEO and Founder Douglas Gibson will demonstrate how easy it is to set up an e-commerce website from scratch, as well as how to quickly add new customizable products to an online store without the need to be a web developer. He will also recommend some of the key features businesses should look out for when choosing a web-to-print system, including the different levels of customization and automation.

James Owen, partnership manager at Trustpilot, will reveal the impact customer reviews can have on the decision-making and purchasing process, as well as the savings in time and money, that their partnership with Infigo can offer for potential web-to-print users.

The webinar is taking place Jan. 6, 2021 at 10 a.m. ET, 3 p.m. GMT. Register today.