Flash Poll Reveals Common Printer Problems with Ink, Anilox Rolls, Doctor Blades

Color Concerns

From color strength to color shift and flat out “incorrect color,” printers admitted such concerns can and do flare up. Their objective: keep them to a minimum. What do they do when such troubles occur?

How Do You Solve Color Strength & Density Issues?

Thirty-three percent of printer participants in the Flash Poll indicated they adjust the ink when seeking to alleviate color strength/density issues. A very similar number, 32 percent, change out the anilox roll. Twenty-one percent switch to a different ink. Fourteen percent weigh other options.

How Do You Solve Color Shift Issues?

Color shift during the run pushed 35 percent to adjust the ink; 30 percent to check the anilox-to-plate and plate-to-substrate impression, 17 percent to make or order new plates and the remaining 18 percent to pursue other options.

How Do You Fix Color or Excessive Pull Issues?

Incorrect color and excessive color pulls at makeready drove 34 percent of the printer sample to resolve to find the root cause of the problem. Twenty-seven percent adjusted the ink, while 22 percent looked to blame the inkroom and 17 percent considered pointing at the press operator.