Domino Releases Videos from Digital Printing Spectrum 2017 Open House

GURNEE, IL—At the Domino Open House Digital Printing Spectrum 2017, presentations from market research experts and industry leaders included new videos which made their debut to inform, educate and entertain the audience. Since the May 23 and May 24 event, attendees have been asking for these videos, and here they are!

LPC: David Walsh & Jennifer Dochstader – “The Past, Present, and Future of Label Printing”

Learn more about where the industry has been, where it is, and where it’s headed as market research experts David Walsh and Jennifer Dochstader of LPC present “The Past, Present, and Future of Label Printing” in this highly informative, educational and entertaining video. Here are just a few of the insights presented:

  • The size and growth of the global and North American label printing industry
  • The trends, markets and drivers
  • Label printer converter generalists vs. specialists
  • Brand owner loyalty
  • Industry secrets and opportunity sectors
  • Downtime and changeover rates
  • Growth projections of digital vs. conventional presses
  • Run sizes of digital

Outlook Group – Domino K600i customer adds the N610i digital UV inkjet label press

“Initially when we brought the Domino unit in, we used it to take some of the short run business off of our long-run presses. Today, we’re using the Domino technology across multiple industries, really learning more and more about what we can do with the technology. One of the things that digital printing is allowing us to do is to address a broader group of clients. With shorter run equipment and the higher speeds that Domino provides, we are able to play in new markets and attract new customers. It also allowed us to address lead times issues with our customers. With the Domino we can just move over there quickly and print, and within hours have the product on its way to the customer.” – Kevin Hayes, executive VP, Outlook Group

McCourt Label – upgrades to the Domino N610i 7-color digital UV inkjet label press from its original 5-color N610i

“The new 7-color machine has launched us into a lot of new categories such as automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household products, and cosmetics. Because a lot of those are short run, multi-version, color-matching critical, we are able to land those jobs where we couldn’t before. Domino not only partnered with us in making sure we understood the technology and that our operators understood how to run the machine, but they also helped us from a sales and marketing standpoint as well. In the last two years, we’ve added more new customers than we ever have, and we’re benefiting by having new short-run profitable business with our Domino press while we’re still keeping our flexo presses busy as well.” – Dave Ferguson, president and Sharon Zampogna, VP of sales, McCourt Label

The videos can also be viewed on Domino’s YouTube channel.

“See more. Learn more. Do more.” At Digital Printing Spectrum 2017, attendees enjoyed 20 presenters, 46 tabletop exhibits, a Q&A panel discussion, equipment demonstrations, a networking breakfast, and lunch and evening receptions.

Digital Printing Spectrum 2017 was moderated by Dan Muenzer, VP of marketing at Constantia Flexibles and incoming president of TLMI. Presenters included market research experts, leading professionals in the label printing community, industry associations, and Domino technical and commercial resources. Some of the most influential and well-respected names in the label printing industry presented and exhibited May 23 & 24 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Gurnee, IL.

Digital Printing Spectrum 2017 was where the widest range of industry experts converged to discuss best practices for making money with digital printing. The event was billed as “everything you need to know to build your organization and infrastructure to make digital printing efficient, successful, and profitable.”