Daetwyler Announces Partnership with Sandon Global

HUNTERSVILLE, NC—In a move designed to provide even more industry-leading insight and comprehensive print-performance solutions to companies operating in flexographic printing, Daetwyler USA has announced a new partnership for top-quality anilox rollers and sleeves. Sandon Global is a recognized international brand specializing in the manufacturer of anilox rolls and sleeves, and headquartered in Runcorn, England. Under the agreement, Daetwyler will provide sales, marketing, distribution and after-sales services support for Sandon Global’s wide range of anilox technologies.

“Our approach to superior print results has always been to provide our customers with 360-degree solutions. While Daetwyler is typically known for our high-quality doctor blades, our depth of expertise involves all ink transfer technologies—including anilox products,” said David Young, president of Daetwyler USA. “Flawless printing requires excellent quality from every component of the printing system. Sandon Global not only provides such quality, but continues to push forward through a tireless commitment to innovation, a philosophy we share at Daetwyler. The coming together of these two brands matches the best anilox products in the industry with the best doctor blades in the industry, the result of which is unmatched print performance.”

Among the benefits that Daetwyler customers should expect from this new partnership are:

  • Wider selection of engraving patterns to suit all flexographic print and coating applications on a variety of substrates
  • In-house manufacturing of lightweight cores with stainless-steel end rings/caps to Sandon Global’s own design and production standard
  • Ability to accept custom engraving orders
  • Sizing for both imperial and metric measurement rollers and sleeves
  • Specialty engravings for litho, gravure and flexographic coating applications
  • High-precision surface polish to preserve cell volume and extend doctor blade life

“The Daetwyler name is one that is known for superior customer service and knowledgeable technical insight,” said Richard Millington, managing director with Sandon Global. “That reputation is what makes Daetwyler such a strong match for bringing the performance of our brand to the US market. We look forward to serving many clients together in the future.