Recognizing the Clemson University Students in Pamarco’s Gift Box Design Project

In late 2019, Pamarco and Clemson University embarked on a project that had elements of design and practical application.

We wanted to ring in the new decade with simple but impactful gifts to select clients, but 2020 had other ideas and we quickly realized our project had to come to an abrupt halt.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, this project had to be put on hold, yet we still felt it was important to share and give each of the students who were involved in it the recognition they deserve for their hard work and creative ideas. Each student intern in this hand-picked group played an integral part in the conception of the design, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such a creative group of women.

From left: Becca Pulsifer, Caroline Trembly, Macale Fusco, Sandy Hall and Caroline Schoenberger
All photos courtesy of Pamarco

To summarize the project: We teamed up with an amazing group of student interns at the Erwin Center for Brand Communications at Clemson University who banded together to design a gift box that could then be produced by the students in Kern Cox’s class. In a short amount of time, while juggling classes, sports and preparing to graduate, these women presented an outstanding packaging design and brought new, creative ideas to the table.

I was so excited to launch this project. It offered a great hands-on learning experience for these Clemson seniors as they prepared to enter the real world. It was so fun to watch them get creative and to see their ideas come to life.

The Erwin Center logo is featured prominently on the gift envelope, designed to house personalized letters.

While the project was created by Pamarco, for its customers, the students had free reign on the design, other than a few guidelines. This collaborative project offered the opportunity to learn by execution—from start to finish—exposing the students to the experience of working closely with a company, from brand strategy to project completion.

The actual holiday greetings included in the package from the student team—a personalized letter from the Erwin Center for Brand Communication at Clemson University.

The Team

Macale Fusco will be graduating from Clemson University in the fall of 2020 with a degree in graphic communications and brand communications. She served as the lead graphic designer on the project. Macale, who also participated as a Clemson cheerleader, is the lead designer for Clemson’s student-led agency within the Erwin Center for Brand Communications during her final semester. She will have the opportunity to apply her design and production skills to various client projects. Macale hopes to pursue a creative role after she graduates.

Sandy Hall graduated from Clemson University in 2020 with a degree in marketing and brand communications, and served in supporting ideation and copywriting for the Pamarco x Clemson packaging project. Sandy has recently taken an associate account executive position at Ammunition, a brand communications agency in Atlanta. She plans to apply her learning to add value to clients on strategic projects and oversee the production of various creative channels.

The design concept/prototype gift box, in fully assembled format.

Becca Pulsifer graduated from Clemson in 2020 with a degree in marketing and brand communications, and also participated on the Clemson rowing team. She served in supporting ideation for this design project. Becca is currently working as a post-graduate intern at a brand communications agency in Orlando, FL, where she is supporting teams on brand strategy projects. She hopes to pursue a career in media strategy and planning.

Caroline Schoenberger graduated from Clemson in 2020 with a degree in graphic communications and brand communications. She served as project manager, content creator and production lead for the Pamarco x Clemson project. Caroline is currently pursuing a role in brand communications, where she plans to leverage her production skills and knowledge to oversee and execute projects.

Every piece has its place, as evidenced by this interior shot of the gift box.

Caroline Trembly graduated from Clemson University in 2020 with a degree in marketing and brand communications and served as the project account executive on the design project with Pamarco. Caroline recently took a job as a project manager at SYNNEX in Greenville, SC, where she will support marketing and communications projects.

While we’re disappointed the project couldn’t be completed this year, we’re excited to say that we are relaunching this project for 2021 and can’t wait to see what this new group of Clemson students brings to the table.

About the Author

Kara Wojnowski is a marketing manager at Pamarco. Pamarco is proud of its ability to offer education opportunities in the printing and packaging industry. From instructional videos on its YouTube page, to live webinars, to student-led packaging design projects, Pamarco understands the importance of empowering people through print education. And, since its team has hundreds of years of combined experience, the company has a lot to share.
About the Erwin Center for Brand Communications in the Graphic Communications Department at Clemson University: The Erwin Center for Brand Communications is a hands-on strategic program for future brand communications professionals in the graphic communications department at Clemson University. Learning by doing in disciplines ranging from advertising, marketing, production, research, strategy, media and analytics prepares Erwin Center students to be market-ready professionals in a variety of communications fields.