ChromaQA 5 Automates & Simplifies Color Matching

DANVERS, MA–TECHKON, a leading innovator in color measurement and quality control solutions for the print and packaging industry, has launched  ChromaQA 5, a revolutionary color quality software solution designed specifically to automate and simplify the color matching process resulting in drastically shortened makereadies, reduced waste, and increased profitability for packaging printers.

Achieving precise brand colors in the ink room and on the press has traditionally been a complex and time-consuming task due to various factors affecting the printing process, such as the condition of anilox rolls, doctor blades, and even the press wash-up between jobs. Press operators often resort to manual adjustments, a process known as “ink toning” during makeready, which can take up to 1-2 hours. ChromaQA’s Smartink technology revolutionizes this process by using a unique formulation engine that removes all the subjectivity with toning ink on press.

Stephen Rankin, director of product management , highlighted the significance of SmartInk, emphasizing its role in tackling color-matching challenges under tight tolerances.

“The SmartInk recipe correction feature in ChromaQA 5 is in an industry-first for packaging printers who must match brand colors under tight tolerances. SmartInk removes the guesswork by providing precise recipe corrections using the printer’s base inks, streamlining the process, and cutting makeready times in half. In addition, we’re excited to announce that ChromaQA 5 also includes a completely new, dynamic and interactive, web-based reporting system and a new global instrument management dashboard to ensure instrument accuracy across a fleet of devices.”

1. Increased Profitability

Reduces make-ready times by 50 percent through precise color matching

2. Effortless Learning

The intuitive interface minimizes training time, allowing operators to use it immediately

3. Improved Color Accuracy

SmartInk technology and other tools recommend corrective actions for accurate colors during makeready and production.

4. Web-Based Dashboards

 ChromaAnalyticsallows easy comparison of color metrics and job data, enabling trend identification and process improvements

5. Simplified Job Reports

Automatically generates reports with charts and graphs for brand owners to verify adherence to specifications 

6. New Instrument Management

Dashboard to monitor and track instrument locations, performance, and service schedules for global color consistency.