Beta Industries Spotlights BetaFlex HR Flexo Analyzer and BetaFlex PRO Workflow Automation

CARLSTADT, NJBeta Industries spotlights its new BetaFlex HR Flexo Analyzer and BetaFlex PRO workflow automation.

The new BetaFlex HR (High Resolution) Flexo Analyzer provides an easy and accurate method to analyze the new flexographic plate solid- and dot-surface micro-structures screening techniques.

Beta Industries BetaFlex HR

Micro-structure patterns greatly improve ink transfer and dot fidelity. These patterns and textures are sensitive to variations in mask exposure and plate processing.

Benefiting from the same process control techniques provided by the BetaFlex PRO, they require much higher magnification and resolution, as provided by the BetaFlex HR.

Operating at 43,000 pixels per inch specifically for micro-structure analysis, as compared to 14,000 ppi of the standard BetaFlex PRO, halftones as coarse as 175 lpi and plate patterns as fine as 1500 lpi are automatically analyzed for dot area, diameter, edge factor and more.

The Betaflex HR operates in transmission mode only, and provides critical insight into the most sophisticated screening techniques available today.

It is the perfect complement to the BetaFlex PRO’s 3D Imaging (HD Flexo), 2D transmission, reflection color dot percent analysis, as well as many other features.

New statistical functions count and quantify the distribution of cell sizes above and below the user-specified target value.

The new BetaFlex PRO workflow automation is the new optional software to the BetaFlex PRO Plate and Image Analyzer (0.5 percent highlight dot measurement and control in both 2D and 3D for dot structure analyses) that utilizes a micro QR Code and full relational database to track the photopolymer sheet and job through imaging, processing, and final QC check.

Beta Industries BetaFlex PRO workflow automation

Working in conjunction with the Esko Automation Engine, the QR code is automatically generated and imaged on the mask. Face and back exposure settings come directly from the Automation Engine. Plate type definitions are contained in the QR code used to set the plate processor parameters. This eliminates the possibility of operator error when keying in the exposure and processing settings for the plate.

The micro QR code on the processed plate is automatically recognized by the new BetaFlex PRO software, setting the measurement parameters, recording the measured results of dot area, dot structure, plate thickness, and relief. Errors in configuration of the BetaFlex PRO due to operator error are now eliminated.

A report is generated and written to the database, linking the plate measurements to the customer and the job.

New workflow automation software, QR code system automatically streamlines and systematizes plate production for improved:

  • Identification
  • Analysis
  • System setup
  • Reporting of all plate production parameters

Halftone target values and tolerances are stored in the system database and automatically checked for updates with every plate submitted for analysis. Dot structure, plate thickness and relief measurements are also written to the relational database.

All contributing to a more profitable operation for better, more consistent production, reduced waste scrap, and higher ROI.