Domino Creates Video Celebrating “The Domino Difference”

GURNEE, ILDomino has created a brand-new video to kick off the new year. For converters who are considering implementing digital printing for the first time, or adding additional digital printing systems to their business, this video is a must see.

Watch as 28 individuals from 21 companies—a wide cross-section from small to medium to large organizations—and job titles—including owner, president, CEO, GM, VP, operations manager, pressroom supervisor, press operator, technician, engineer, account executive and more—discuss why they chose Domino, their experiences, and what they consider the Domino difference.

Bill Myers, marketing manager – Domino Digital Printing North America, said, “We’ve known that Domino digital printing solutions help our customers make money, grow their business and succeed. In this video, a wide array of customers share what is most important to them.”

And what is revealed may surprise many in the industry.

Myers explained, “What will quickly become apparent to viewers of this video, is that the feedback and responses are not solely focused on the equipment. Yes, there is mention of the Domino press and printers, but more so the conversations you’ll witness speak to important factors beyond the machine… such as our In-House Leasing program, our service and support, our sales and marketing, our people, our brand… all of the nuances and distinctions of Domino.”

This video highlights interviews mostly from present day, but also spans back over the past few years to illustrate longevity. Several companies in this video have purchased from Domino multiple times. Others are first-time, brand-new customers. In either case, the common denominator is these interviews illustrate and allude to a business relationship which exceeds expectations, as they describe their partnership with Domino.

Converters in North America… east to west, north to south, coast to coast are highlighted in this video. Shot at their facilities, industry professionals tell their story in various settings… from offices, lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, plant and production environments. Every location is different, making all unique.

Organizations considering an investment in equipment want to understand as much as they can about the company they are investing in and the type of experience they can expect to have.

Myers said, “We know that much time, energy and thought is involved in the due diligence process when a converter is considering adding digital printing equipment to their business. For them to be able to view a video in which similar-type companies to theirs describe why they chose Domino, or their experiences in being a Domino customer… that is very is powerful and impactful. It helps prospective digital printing users answer a very important question… ‘If all these converters trust Domino and have success with Domino… why shouldn’t I?”

Myers concluded, “While producing this video, one of the highlights for me personally is best described as a wonderful walk down memory lane… reliving these special moments. I was reminded of these visits to customer facilities, their smiles, their hospitality… as far back as nine years ago when I joined Domino. Even virtual visits during the pandemic. And in thinking about that, I wanted to end the video with a look back at many of those customers in reverse chronological order… a quick montage of memories, if you will… from most recent to the past… including some of the very first converters I visited with. Our customers are everything to us. I certainly enjoy the fun we have together, and I look forward to creating many more great memories in the future.”