Domino Highlights Process Label Systems, N610i Digital Label Press

GURNEE, ILDomino has created a brand new video to highlight what Process Label Systems, a Minneapolis-based converter of labels and tags for promotional marketing, food and beverage, security, industrial, and automotive industries has experienced with the addition of its first digital label press, the Domino N610i 7-color digital UV inkjet, since it was installed one year ago in October 2017.

Dan Spah, general manager at Process Label Systems says, “From an ease of use standpoint of our Domino press, we were able to take one of our flexographic operators, we trained him, and he hit the ground running with this Domino.”

Process Label Systems has been producing promotional marketing products including labels, decals and small signage for more than 25 years. Today, it is a multi-faceted company providing many capabilities including promotional products and primary labels; rotary die-cutting and custom converted products; specialty and security products; bar coding, QR codes and sequential numbering; in-mold labeling; tag products; window and door labels and gaskets; blank and color thermal transfer roll labels; laser/inkjet pre-die cut sheets, and more. Its latest acquisition was adding digital to its arsenal with its first digital label press, the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet.

“In my customers’ world, what they are expecting out of us is multiple SKUs, multiple changes, quick turnaround, graphic arts, high quality, durability, a product that lasts, and something they are going to be very proud of. And now that we have the Domino, we are able to do short run business that is very competitive, and our customers are very excited,” said Dan.

And this excitement has created new opportunities.

According to Rick Bloomberg, sales representative at Process Label Systems, “When we purchased the press, the first thing we realized was that we could contact a whole new client base. So, once you get a digital press in your arsenal, you are much more likely to call on certain markets, certain types of companies. When we show people both the quality and the pricing, we get a lot of positive feedback which is lowering the hurdles for acquiring new business.”

Domino Process Label Systems Dan Spah
Dan Spah

And what about graphic designers?

Jackie Bowes, graphic artist at Process Label Systems said, “The Domino has offered me, as a designer, more opportunities to be creative with our artwork. It’s limitless what we can do now.”

And most importantly, Process Label Systems is seeing the financial benefit the Domino N610i brings, allowing it to make money in ways they did not imagine.

Added Dan, “Now that we have our Domino, our sales have actually increased in a little different way than we thought it was going to. We’ve also seen an increase in our flexographic sales, because we have the Domino.”

“I think for any label company, and especially a sales person, having digital to be able to offer your clients is almost essential in this day and age. So, the fact that we have moved into the digital label print technology, has made selling much, much easier and account acquisition much, much easier,” said Rick.

So, has the Domino N610i lived up to the expectation?

“Our salespeople are very proud to go out and show samples… excited to show a nice, new product. Now, we are at a higher notch in the printing industry because of the high-quality labels coming off our Domino press. Our customers love it! It’s actually changed our company,” Dan concluded.