FLEXOGRAPHY 101 Booklet Series

Looking to build your foundation of flexographic knowledge? Do you have entry level workers who need basic flexo education or veteran operators that could use a refresher?

$15 each for FTA members

An Introduction to Flexography

Readers will gain a clear definition of what flexography is and how it came to be the process it is today. This booklet reviews the:

Anilox Handling & Care

Improper handling of anilox rollers can cost time, money, and press downtime. This booklet reviews the:

Ink Handling & Maintenance

Proper ink handling and maintenance is critical to the flexographic printing process. This booklet explains such topics as:

Plate Mounting

To ensure an accurate reproduction of any printed image, plate mounting is critical. There are many techniques used to perform this operation, from simple hand placement, to sophisticated machinery. This booklet will cover:

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