Techkon Releases New SpectroVision Solution

DANVERS, MATechkon—an innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities—announced the release of its new SpectroVision inline quality assurance solution, offering live web viewing (registration, logos, text, etc.), bar code grading and color measurement capabilities at press speeds up to 1,000 fpm. This technology is meant to allow narrow and medium web flexo and packaging printers realize easy ROIs resulting from shorter makereadies, reduced waste and overall higher quality pressruns.

The SpectroVision measurement module consists of a scanning spectrophotomer, high resolution 2D camera, LED lights, motorized traverse arm and an ISO white backing plate. It’s compact design allows it to be easily mounted into existing flexo, gravure and digital presses. The system allows users to set up jobs outside of the pressroom, with PASS/FAIL tolerances, days or weeks before going on press, which translates to zero setup time for press operators.

SpectroVision provides operators with an intuitive, quality control, cockpit for monitoring their pressrun. With two touch screen displays, operators can switch between viewing registration marks, performing real-time, ISO/ANSI style, bar code grading, and monitoring color quality metrics such as density, Delta E, TVI, G7 and more. SpectroVision is capable of measuring an entire press control strip (up to 100 color patches) in a single printed impression, allowing operators to make color adjustments using significantly less time and materials.

“We’ve spoken with many printers about their quality control practices in the pressroom. With SpectroVision, gone are the days of stopping the press, cutting out a control strip, taking offline color measurements, making color adjustments, starting the press again, and then repeating this cycle to check color quality during makeready or throughout production,” said Stephen Rankin, director of product development. “Similarly, gone are the days of finding out after a roll comes off the press that the bar codes in the work are not scanning correctly or your registration has drifted throughout the run. With SpectroVision, we’re now checking everything in real-time and at full production press speeds to give printers complete confidence that jobs are printed perfectly—the first time.”

The SpectroVision was originally launched in April 2018.