Syracuse Label & Surround Printing, Macaran Printed Products and W.N. Van Alstine Announce Merger

COHOES, NYSyracuse Label & Surround Printing, Macaran Printed Products and W.N. Van Alstine announced that their respective boards of directors have approved a merger agreement.

The new organization will provide enhanced development and manufacturing capabilities, incorporating state-of-the-art label technologies along with improved economies of scale. The new business will be led by industry veterans Nick Van Alstine (Macaran / Van Alstine) and Kathy Alaimo (Syracuse) operating as co-CEOs, with Tom Sargent as president.

“I have known Nick Van Alstine, and we’ve been friendly competitors for over 20 years,” said Alaimo. “This friendship and mutual trust evolved into a conversation about how similar our companies were, and what an exciting opportunity we had to support future growth for our employee-owners,” she added.

The merger brings together three strong, industry-leading label and packaging companies who share common cultures, common cause and common goals. Both companies are 100 percent employee-owned each with rich corporate legacies. Driven by industry consolidation, both organizations found themselves in similar circumstances as the competitive landscape has shifted around them. The merger will create an organization with greater scale, capacity and capability, bringing additional value to the customers and markets it serves.

“This is a great fit for our businesses. This merger is all about our shared values; preserving corporate legacies, creating value for our employee-owners and becoming more competitive in the marketplace,” said Van Alstine.

The merger will create a new organization with three facilities, 165,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, 175 full-time employee owners and $65 million in sales. It also brings together a C-suite leadership team with decades of proven experienced in the industry. The team consists of:

  • Kathy Alaimo – Co-CEO
  • Nick Van Alstine – Co-CEO
  • Tom Sargent – President
  • Gary Riley – President, W.N. Van Alstine
  • Dan Rosenbaum – Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Roux – Chief Technical Officer
  • Thomas Faugno – Chief Sales Officer
  • Nick Noyes – Chief Operating Officer

“The merger creates a tremendous opportunity for all of us to better serve our customers,” said Van Alstine. “The new organization will be better positioned to compete through intellectual property, innovation, press technology, operational efficiency and overall scale,” he added.

The W.N. Van Alstine team brings critical expertise to the new organization as well. “With our experience, we can work with customers to provide leading-edge, ‘end of line’ packaging equipment, systems and related materials,” said Gary Riley Sr., president, W.N. Van Alstine. “This knowledge helps round out our full-service offering, solidifying our stance as custodians of their brand,” he added.

A critical aspect of the merger is the continued development and support of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP ownership structure was adopted by Syracuse Label & Surround Printing in 2007 and Macaran/Van Alstine in 2017.

“The ESOP is an incredibly powerful and supportive culture,” said Alaimo. “It gives all employee-owners a voice, as well as an opportunity to benefit from the organization’s continued growth,” she added. “The main reason our ESOP was instituted was to protect and reward our employees who have played such critical roles in crafting our success,” said Van Alstine. “We are thrilled to be able to continue this ownership structure along with Syracuse Label,” he added.

Customers will not see any changes to the day-to-day operations of Syracuse, Macaran or Van Alstine. All sales, service and accounting procedures and contacts will remain intact, and all divisions will continue to use their branded visual identities and logos.

In addition, effective Dec. 31, 2022 both Alaimo and Van Alstine will retire and assume roles as co-chairs of the Board of Directors. Tom Sargent will assume the CEO position effective Jan. 1, 2023. This announcement is the culmination of a well-planned and orderly succession process to ensure the continued success of the organization.