Siegwerk Offers Brand Owners Direct Service & Support

SIEGBURG, GermanySiegwerk, a leading global provider of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, complements its broad ink and service portfolio for printers and converters by offering its cross-application ink and packaging expertise also directly to brand owners.

The brand owner collaboration (BOC) department combines all the company’s competence and skills in one with the goal to explore improvement and innovation opportunities with brand owners. It is about adding value by generating cost-savings for potential re-investments into innovation through new performance specifications and/or enhance current packaging solutions by new features or innovative design.

By creating a triangular relationship with converters and brand owners, Siegwerk sees the opportunity to better understand the market needs and to identify relevant topics enabling the company to help shape the future of packaging by channeling its R&D activities into the market segments of the future. Through a direct collaboration with Siegwerk, brand owners in return benefit from Siegwerk’s overarching technical knowledge and conceptual skills with regard to all different kind of packaging applications. according to Siegwerk.

“We don’t see packaging as a technology, we see it as a business model; therefore, we consider the entire value chain by default, targeting specific areas that unlock value for the broader chain,” explained Belal Habib, head of global brand owner collaboration at Siegwerk. “When focusing on performance specifications for packaging to enable less restrictive material choices, significant technical but also conceptual skills are required to generate tangible results that can be applied to both innovation and value generation. And this is the exact support our BOC team can offer.”

Next to concrete brand owner requests correlating with Siegwerk’s ink expertise, the BOC team can also help in case of overarching requests of strategic relevance, e.g. related to the circular economy. “Our pan-Siegwerk lens enables us to join the dots between external obligations, application-specific requirements and the brand owners’ individual needs and spot opportunities for improvement that could impact either us as ink provider, the converter and/or brand owner or the entire relationship,” added Habib.

Whether it is about generating and delivering specific brand owner projects, developing and executing inks, finishes and coatings that deliver better value than before, or supporting brand owners in areas with limited resources like the development of packaging from a circular economy perspective, Siegwerk says it has the experience and the skills to support.

With Habib, Siegwerk has gained an expert for packaging development and technology as head of the new BOC team. During his career, Habib gathered vast experiences at different international brand owners like Unilever, Mondelez, Kraft and pladis International.