Flexo Wash Introduces New and Improved Handy Anilox Roll Cleaner

LOUISVILLE, KYFlexo Wash recently discontinued its original FW Handy Automatic unit, which cleaned only one anilox roll at a time, and created the new Handy Mini 2 anilox roll cleaner, which cleans two anilox rolls at a time. The price remains the same, meaning more rolls cleaned, doubling the output.

Flexo Wash has two Handy anilox cleaners on the market. The FW Handy Mini 2 anilox cleaner and the FW Handy Midi 2×2 Anilox Cleaner are both low cost cleaners that are easy to operate and are meant to leave the anilox 100 percent clean and dry in only 10 to 15 minutes. The machine is based on liquid and high-pressure water. The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the rolls totally clean and ready for immediate use without causing any wear or tear to the roll.

All Flexo Wash units are fully automatic and have an efficient cleaning process that leaves the rolls, sleeves, parts etc. totally clean and ready for immediate use. The environmentally friendly liquid is recirculated in a closed-circuit system.