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October 7

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With the advent of the spectrophotometer, flexographers’ ability to measure color and establish pass/fail limits has greatly improved the quality and consistency of the printed product.

Building on that ability, the print quality score has pushed to quantify not just a pass or fail, but also distance from a perfect match.

The print quality score helps gain a better understanding of the metrics that might go into a quality evaluation, even ones that can’t be measured with a spectrophotometer.

Get an inside look at print quality scoring from a brand that requires it, agencies who monitor it, and printers who control it to improve print quality and consistency.


Watch Paul Lancelle, Virtual Fall Conference 2020 program chair, discuss this session with FTA’s Director of Education Joe Tuccitto.


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Print Quality Scoring: The Benefits, Challenges and a Catalyst for Improvement

Michael John, 3M & Jasmine Hietpas, HAVI Global

Brands are increasingly relying on the use of print quality scoring systems to effectively manage color and print quality consistency, as well as to empower printers to strive for excellence within their operations. The goal of print quality scoring can be perceived differently depending on where you sit within the supply chain. Michael and Jasmine will examine the objectives of print quality scoring from the perspective of two global brands.

Paul Biernat Marc Levine headshots

Building a Solid Foundation for Measurable Success

Paul Biernat, brandkey graphics & Marc Levine, GMG Americas

Find out what a print standardization program’s big-picture objective is, and the steps brand owners and printers can take to deliver benefits to their organizations. Paul and Marc will speak from the program management and premedia points of view with an outlook on how participants and stakeholders can approach the topic.

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Print Quality Scoring: Driving Operational Effectiveness

Jeff Hall, Graphic Packaging International

What does it mean to actually adopt a print quality scoring model? Hear key insights into and considerations for what print quality scoring implementation provides, as a means to gauge the health of a workflow, enable proactive process improvement, and deliver visibility to quality across an organization. The end result is achieving operational goals and customer expectation.


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Dan Uress
Colorware USA Inc


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