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Fall Conference 2018 armed nearly 300 flexographers with what they need to take care of business.

Fall Conference 2018 recap Kevin Bourquin“Be proactive, not reactive,” Fall Conference 2018 Program Chair Kevin Bourquin remarked at the event’s onset, in front of a crowd of nearly 300 flexographers. The concepts of preparation and getting ahead of things were reinforced across the three-day agenda:

  • Market and segment analysis
  • Evaluating workflows and refining efficiencies
  • Quality control to catch issues before going to press
  • Color management
  • Printer and CPC communication to simplify approvals
  • Eliminating workforce hurdles stemming from generational differences and company culture
  • Ink transfer concerns for the anilox roll, plates and prepress department

Technical Sessions

From the titles of its eight technical sessions, to its host city of Cleveland, to the guitar-shaped USB drive given to its attendees, the influence of rock and roll on Fall Conference 2018 was impossible to miss. And like any great rock and roll concert, talking about Fall Conference 2018 just isn’t the same as being there live. Here’s a taste of what was said and heard from the stage at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel:

“People and shorter runs—that’s what’s driving the label industry.”

Dan Muenzer, TLMI president

“There is a focus from our members, like never before, to communicate [meaningful claims and benefits] to consumers.”

Elizabeth Avery, SNAC International president/CEO
Fall Conference 2018 recap Elizabeth Avery

“Constantly, constantly, never be satisfied with the current state of technology.”

Phototype COO Gerald Anglim and CTO Gary Bernier
Fall Conference 2018 recap Dan Muenzer

“By reducing changeovers by one minute per color, a printer can see savings of as much as $100,000 per year. Additionally, saving a single pound of waste per job results in a $10,000 savings annually.”

Greg Collins, Collins Consulting Services

“Automation is everywhere—Why not in quality control?”

William Topa, GlobalVision

“After we define a color, how do we capture and verify it?”

David Palmieri, CGS

“When I go in to customers and ask them if they have print inspection, the answers vary greatly.”

Chris Ellis, AVT

“The best ink additive is fresh ink.”

Keith Nagle, Nilpeter
Fall Conference 2018 recap William Topa

“With metallic ink, fluorescent ink and pearlescent ink, all the senses want to be stimulated. But whether it’s touch, smell, sight or interactivity—How do we measure? How do we know this smell, that’s supposed to mimic the shampoo in the tube, actually smells right?”

Jim Felsberg, Sun Chemical
Fall Conference 2018 recap Greg Collins

“You can’t control what you don’t measure”

Brad Turner, Sealed Air

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Jennye Scott, Berry Global and Dawn Connell, Campbell Snacks
Fall Conference 2018 recap Jennye Scott Dawn Connell

“We have never seen as much technology enter flexo as in the last five years!”

Richard Black, All Printing Resources Inc (APR)

“The tools [with which to measure ink] exist—and it’s time to embrace them.”

Steve Rankin, Techkon USA

“Eyes are subjective! Eyes are imperfect! Eyes are deceiving! What can we do about that? We need to use objective instruments and software to increase agreement.”

Dan Uress, Colorware USA Inc
Fall Conference 2018 recap Richard Black

“Some of the greatest people coming into the workforce today are first-generation Americans and are women, and you’re going to get those people if you’re doing an honest job of hiring.”

Al Bowers, RR Donnelley
Fall Conference 2018 recap Jason Cagle

“I feel bad for millennials to be branded like they are. Give them a chance!”

Kelly Raber, Belmark Inc

“I was very fortunate in my internships in that I’ve had older people as mentors who were eager to hear what I had to say. And I knew that if they were listening, that they expected a lot and I didn’t want to disappoint, so I worked harder. I felt if they showed they cared, it made me care more.”

Emma Woolbright, Clemson University graduate student

“When I would go to customers when I worked on the technical side, I would walk in and hear things like ‘I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive.’ But, when I would go in there and solve an issue for them, it would help break down the barrier and help them see me as more than just a date of birth.”

Jason Cagle, MacDermid Graphics Solutions

“I can tell you from experience, 99 percent of the time it’s a plugged anilox. It’s such a critical thing to have the anilox cleaned. It doesn’t help to proof in the inkroom and then come out to a dirty anilox.”

Sean Teufler, Harper Corporation of America

“Warm up your exposure unit before starting to make plates. It’s easier to keep it warm than always wait for it to get cold.”

PJ Fronczkiewicz, Flint Group
Fall Conference 2018 recap PJ Fronczkiewicz

Tabletop Exhibit

Part of the allure of attending not only Fall Conference but also FTA’s pair of spring events—Forum & INFOFLEX—is the chance to hear about products, services, technologies and what printers should be doing, and then walking across the street or down the hallway to see them in person and talk to the companies behind them.

Fall Conference 2018 recap Tabletop Exhibit 1
Fall Conference 2018 recap Tabletop Exhibit 2

In the case of Fall Conference 2018, that walk was mere feet from the stage where the eight technical sessions took place. And the event’s Tabletop Exhibit was another sellout, thanks to an audience hungry to see first-hand the latest technologies available to them.

With nearly five hours of exhibit time over Monday and Tuesday, printers/converters armed themselves with questions only the top suppliers/distributors in the industry could answer. The dialogue included in-depth discussions from every segment of the industry with 10 digital, flexo and hybrid press manufacturers who exhibited. In the mix of these conversations, were discussions with 53 manufactures essential to upping print job quality. They included makers of anilox rollers, sleeves, anilox cleaners, doctor blades, color management software, plate making, inks and coatings, substrates, web guides, tension controls, web inspection equipment and environmental solutions.

Fall Conference 2018 recap Tabletop Exhibit 3

A special thank you to Fall Conference 2018 exhibitors:

acpo Ltd
All Printing Resources Inc (APR)
Anderson & Vreeland Inc
Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems
Apex International
ARC International
Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials
Baldwin Vision Systems
Beta Industries
Bobst North America Inc
BST North America
Carey Color Inc
Catalytic Products International
Clean Planet Chemical
Colorware USA Inc
Cyber Graphics LLC
Daetwyler Corp
DuPont Advanced Printing
Eaglewood Technologies Inc
Enercon Industries Corp
Erhardt – Leimer Inc
Eye-C America LLC
Flexo Wash
Flint Group

GMG Americas
Grafikontrol North America
Harper Corporation of America
HYBRID Software Inc
Interflex Laser Engravers
Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica
KTI-Quantum Design
Luminite Products Corp
MacDermid Graphics Solutions
Mark Andy Inc
Meech International
OEC Graphics Inc
OMET Americas Inc
Paper Converting Machine Co (PCMC)
Phoseon Technology
Polymag Tek Inc
Rossini North America LLC
Ship & Shore Environmental Inc
Soma spol sro
tesa tape Inc
Trelleborg Coated Systems
Tri-X Inc
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp

Fall Conference 2018 Sponsors

Fall Conference 2018 sponsor Anderson & Vreeland
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