An Intuitive Look at Spot Color Tone Value (Extended Version)

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November 4
11 a.m. ET
Mark Samworth

An Intuitive Look at Spot Color Tone Value (Extended Version)

With special guests Charles Spontelli and William Birkett

While spectral data and L*a*b* have become the major metrics for quantifying color throughout the printing industries, there is still a need to quantify the tone value of an individual color with a single number.

Murray-Davies Tone Value (MDTV) is a density-based metric which works only for CMYK colors and results in measured values that are far larger than the human eye perceives. Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) is an L*a*b*-based metric which works for all colors and results in measured values which are very close to that which the human eye perceives.

Join Mark as he presents an extended version of his Fall Conference 2021 presentation and reviews the need for a tone metric, compares SCTV to MDTV and shows examples of SCTV in use today.

Plus, join special guests Charles Spontelli and William Birkett for a live Q&A.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Mark Samworth

Mark Samworth, Esko

Mark Samworth began his career with DuPont, where he held numerous positions in the areas of flexographic plates and electronic imaging. Mark joined Esko in 1997 and is currently focused on consulting in screening, calibration, G7, color management and expanded gamut.

He holds 11 patents in digital imaging, including FlexoCal, Hybrid Screening, Plate Cell Patterning, Concentric Screening, Equinox expanded gamut technology and PressSync. He has authored numerous articles in the industry’s major trade publications and presented many papers at the industry’s major trade forums.

In May of 2011, Mark was inducted as the 49th member of the FTA Hall of Fame. Mark received his Bachelor of Science from RIT and his MBA from the University of Delaware. He lives in Wilmington, DE.