FIRST Operator Certification

Targeted at individuals working in the industry, FIRST Operator Certification demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the processes, components, variables, workflows—every facet of flexography. Certifications are broken into three categories: FIRST Press Operator Certification, for individuals manning the machine; FIRST Prepress Operator Certification, for premedia personnel, and FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification, for supervisors, managers and employees not in production. While each certification contains lessons, guides and tests germane to its focus, those who complete the courses come away with a matching set of abilities: to maximized efficiency, increase productivity, reduce downtime and waste, deliver consistent and repeatable results, and empower other employees to deliver superior output. FIRST Operator Certifications are earned online in a self-paced, three-level progression.

FIRST Company Certification

For organizations committed to the methodology championed by FIRST, FIRST Company Certification showcases an unflinching acceptance throughout all corporate levels. The path is by no means an easy one, but the rewards—unwavering confidence in all personnel, processes and print quality regardless of who is operating the press, where the press is located and which run it is; total embrace of industry standard workflows; stable conditions that yield consistency and quality—are worth the effort. For printers who want to be viewed by their customers as true partners, providing guidance, finding solutions, identifying potential pitfalls and establishing clear communication with the entire supply chain, FIRST Company Certification is the answer.

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Certification FAQ

What does it cost to become FIRST Certified? Are tests written? How are FIRST Company Certification audits handled? Got questions about FIRST Certification? We’ve got answers. Browse the Certification FAQ to learn more.

Renewing Your Certification

To keep pace with the industry’s advancements, FIRST certification needs to be renewed every three years. Time to renew yours? Take the recertification test and renew your FIRST Certification.