Nuova GIDUE’s Digital Flexo Excellence Marries Printing Processes, Wins 2015 FTA Technical Innovation Award

Nuova GIDUE Digital Flexo Excellence Technology

NASHVILLE, TN – May 3, 2015 – Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) tonight named Nuova GIDUES’s Digital Flexo Excellence technology the winner of its 2015 Technical Innovation Award in the Heavy Metal category. The award was presented at FTA’s Annual Awards Banquet, held in conjunction with the Association’s Annual Forum in Nashville, TN. Accepting the award before an audience of hundreds of package printing and converting professionals, was Federico D’Annunzio, CEO of Nuova GIDUE S.r.L.

The strength behind Digital Flexo Excellence is the utilization of the best aspects of flexo and digital. It’s aim to optimize the flexo print process is accomplished by a design that automates common, time intensive and operator dependent press tasks, which results in higher productivity, lowered costs, greater production flexibility, consistent quality and ease of operation. Additional benefits brought about by the technology are:

  • Setup waste of less than 33-ft. (10-m.)
  • Setup time of less than 1 minute
  • Consistent quality
  • A largely digitized workflow and less reliance on operators
  • A more easily predictable cost/profit model for each job
  • Multi substrate handling
  • Lowered operating costs
  • Improved sustainability

The suite of technologies that comprise Digital Flexo Excellence include; Flower, PrintTutor, ExcelPrint, DigiGap, ExcelDie, ExcelCut, QuickCut and DigiMount.

GIDUE believes that the technology changes the industry by giving flexographers access to new markets, a viable path into the future of package printing and many other benefits, all built on a foundation of proven technologies and a process favored by the majority of brands. By usurping many of the benefits routinely assigned to digital printing, GIDUE is placing a stake in the ground for flexography, and pledging to “use all its advantages and take the industry to excellence.”

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About FTA: Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), chartered in 1958, is a professional society dedicated to bringing all members of the flexographic printing community—printers, suppliers, consumer product companies, institutions, prepress houses and others–together by providing opportunities for the free exchange of technical ideas and discussion of mutual concerns. It is a proponent of maintaining and advancing quality standards and includes 1,650 member sites that represent more than 1,400 companies and 60,000 individuals. Foundation of FTA, founded in 1974, is the educational arm of FTA and is dedicated to supporting and advancing the flexographic printing industry.