New FTA/FFTA Board Members Bring Experience & Expertise

BOHEMIA, NY—In selecting new members for its Board of Directors and its Foundation’s (FFTA) Board of Trustees, FTA looks for individuals with a wide range of industry experience and whom, together, represent the various market segments of its member companies.

New to the Boards this year are Kristen Shields of Graymills Corp, Paul Teachout of Nilpeter USA, Sean Teufler of Harper Corporation of America and Laura Wright of CSW Inc. Along with the new members, who began their terms in June, newly re-elected Johnny Dye of Accredo Packaging Inc began his first-year term as FTA Board Chair.

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“I am very excited for this opportunity. Serving on the Board of Directors, and now as Board Chair, is very rewarding,” said Dye. “It is an honor to participate in an organization that plays such a significant role in our industry. FTA has been so instrumental in the education, communication and the success of the growth of flexography.”

Alexander James of Miraclon Corp continues in his second year as Chair of the FFTA Board, while Kim Madigan of Smyth Companies LLC (FTA Vice Chair, Printers/Converters/CPCs), was re-elected to her second three-year terms. Additionally, Jennye Scott of Berry Global was elected as FTA Board Chair-Elect, a two-year position that will lead to her taking over as FTA Board Chair in 2021.

“As we cycle through to new board members, it’s exciting to see another group of talented, knowledgeable individuals stepping up to participate on the FTA and FFTA Boards,” said James. “As the returning Board Chair for FFTA, I’d like to express my gratitude to each individual and their company, for their willingness to participate in this worthy activity as a board member.”

The new board members are joined by existing members Doug Bartlett of Multi-Color Corp, FTA President Mark Cisternino, JP Delage of Master Packaging Inc (FFTA Vice Chair, Scholarships), Jeff Dietz of Koenig & Bauer (FTA Vice Chair, Suppliers), Jean Engelke (FFTA Board Chair-Elect), Ron Premo (FFTA Vice Chair, Solicitations), Geoff Roznak of Further North LLC (FFTA Vice Chair, Project Evaluations), James Stone of Fortis Solutions Group (FTA Vice Chair, Education) and Dale Walbert of G3 Enterprises (FTA/FFTA Treasurer).

“The mission of the FTA and FFTA Boards is to provide organizational governance and strategic leadership to management for the benefit of all segments of the flexographic printing/converting industry encompassing standards, research, awards, education and training initiatives,” said Cisternino. “The members of the Boards are excited to begin working with our team on initiatives that will continue to improve the flexographic community.”


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