Paul Lancelle, Baron of “Booyah,” Packaging & Packers Enthusiast, Welcomed into FTA Hall of Fame

FTA Experience

Paul Lancelle FTA Hall of Fame Forum 2003
Paul speaking as event chair at Forum 2003 in Salt Lake City, UT.

No stranger to the FTA stage. Paul took to the podium at 1991’s Fall Conference and soon became a fixture. He delivered a repeat performance, addressing “Get Your Color Here,” at the same event exactly 10 years later. In the interim, he found his footing at the Forum lectern as well, initially speaking at the 1999 event and repeating in 2000 and 2001.

By 2002, he accepted the next challenge and filled the role of session cochair. Next in progression: chair of the 2003 Forum, staged in Salt Lake City, UT. While speaking has been his forte, early assignments found Lancelle participating in the Flexo Quality Consortium’s 1998 Doctor Blade and Characterization and 1999 Press Characterization projects. That led to his development of a 1999 Press Characterization Tutorial.

Project FOG—Flexo, Offset and Gravure—caught his attention in 2001, as well as his support in orchestrating the demonstration projects that it entailed. And in 2006 he spoke to “Professional Development in Simple Terms.”

By that time in 2006, Paul—who had been vice chair of FTA’s Supplier Leadership Council, as well as a member of the Environmental and Excellence in Flexography Awards Committees, frequent judge in the Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition and second term member of FTA’s Board of Directors—was about to become chairman of its Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He held that post midway into 2008.

One of the greatest things about working in this industry is the quality and dedication of the people you get to meet along the way. It’s been a great ride!

During his tenure as chairman of the board, he was tapped to become the association’s ambassador to the Australian and New Zealand Flexographic Technical Association (ANZFTA), where he spoke at its Forum and seized the opportunity to tour several “factories.” Writing of that experience in December 2007, he observed, “Production and scheduling requirements are not as hectic as in the U.S…. Distance from assistance breeds more of a risk taker attitude in their endeavors. People exhibit a passion to be the best.” That’s something Lancelle has always appreciated, as evidenced by a statement he penned for FLEXO Magazine leading up to the start of the Forum he chaired. “One of the greatest things about working in this industry is the quality and dedication of the people you get to meet along the way. It’s been a great ride!”

Commenting on his Forum experience in general, he says, “Most FTA sponsored and initiated programs have provided some type of meaningful input to the success of our business. The Forum, however, stands out above the rest, as the most meaningful and measureable. The opportunity to meet and interact with our membership—not only printers and CPCs, but other cosuppliers, and yes, even competitors— has offered us all tremendous opportunities to learn and benefit.”

As FTA celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 2008, in offering a view from the chair, Lancelle targeted points of emphasis for the association. Namely: strategic planning, developing a more active and engaged membership, ramping up interest in Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST) training programs and further development of the Technical Education Services Team.

Since that time, he has supported the Team’s endeavors by contributing to Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0 (FP&P) and FIRST 5.0.
Paul Lancelle FTA Hall of Fame stage

Dedicated Leader

In 2009, he was the recipient of FTA’s President’s Award. Bestowing the honor, FTA President Mark Cisternino remarked, “Paul Lancelle is a quiet man with many diverse talents. Paul has been an extremely active leader of our two governing boards… Through steadfast leadership and unwavering determination, Paul was at the helm as this organization became actively involved in reengineering the FTA and FFTA through a period when it was imperative that the bodies demonstrate such traits. An enthusiastic supporter of, and participant in, the Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition for many years as a judge and committee member, his even keeled temperament and logical reasoning skills have worked to our advantage on a number of potentially tense occasions.

Paul Lancelle FTA Hall of Fame Packers hats“As 2003 Forum chair, Paul proactively participated in the very successful ‘Wisdom Team’ whose goal was to keep the association in close contact with its members and help it fulfill its mission to the industry,” Cisternino continued.

Beyond FTA, yet still in the realm of flexography and training for its application, Paul has offered instruction at Clemson University, UW Stout, Western Michigan University, Fox Valley Technical College, Ryerson University and Dunwoody Institute of Technology.

He has addressed the industry at Tissue World, Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), Twin Cities Flexo Association (TCFA) and Canadian Flexographic Training Committee (CFTC) events.