FQC/SWG Updates: The Groups Wrap Up 2015 & Look Toward Next Year

Flexo Quality Consortium FQC LogoThis quarter, the Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) Executive Committee worked toward the initiation of new projects. During the FQC Pre Conference Session at Forum 2015 we brainstormed with attendees on topics of interest. After initial shyness, Jean Jackson and Dr. Sam Ingram got the crowd on board and we received a great response!

The Executive Committee has worked hard over the past several months to review, categorize, evaluate and rate the ideas. With more than 20 documented areas of interest, we were able to identify nine potential projects. From those nine, we are working to assemble common themes and develop appropriate charters to pursue. We will need to be selective on our approach, as the recruiting of project leaders and enthusiastic team members is a critical task.

Speaking of recruiting, the High Resolution Printing Team, Part B has completed the development of the procedures, data collection and testing protocol and is ready to begin press trials. In order to further validate the print target and focus its efforts, the team has determined testing will start in the narrow web segment. The testing will begin with a validation trial at Clemson University and continue with additional narrow web printers.

One FTA member company has already stepped up to the plate to conduct a trial on this very important project. The team is looking for several more narrow web printer volunteers to round out the testing. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ann Michaud or any FQC Executive Committee member and we’ll get you signed up!

I’d also like to thank the FTA staff in Minneapolis for the successful planning and execution of the Gary Hilliard Memorial Golf Tournament in September. It was a beautiful day, great course and an exceptional cause! Everyone had a good time and all proceeds will go toward the FQC Gary Hilliard Memorial Scholarship. Additional thanks go out to all of the event sponsors. Without your commitment, industry events like these would not be possible. Your contribution and participation is greatly appreciated by the FQC Executive Committee in recognizing our efforts to keep Gary’s mission in flexo research and education alive.

Standard Working Group Update

The ISO TC 130 held its annual plenary meeting Nov. 2-8 in Seoul, South Korea. The ANSI CGATS U.S. Technical Advisory Group meeting is schedule for the week of Oct. 19, 2016 at X-Rite HQ in Grand Rapids, MI.

Standards currently in ballot:

  • ISO/DIS 17972-2 Graphic technology – Color data exchange format (CxF/X) – Part 2: Scanner target data (CxF/X-2). This is due Dec. 11
  • ISO/DIS 17972-3 Graphic technology – Color data exchange format (CxF/X) – Part 3: Output target data (CxF/X-3). This is due Jan. 8, 2016
  • ISO/DIS 13655 Graphic technology – Spectral measurement and colorimetric computation for graphic arts images. This is due Jan. 22, 2016

There are no standards currently in systematic review at this time.

Standards that have completed balloting:

  • ISO/CD 12647 – 7.3, Graphic technology – Process control for the production of halftone color separations, proof and production prints – Part 7: Proofing processes. This has been approved with minor editorial comments
  • ISO/DTS 15311-1, Graphic technology – Requirements for printed matter for commercial and industrial production – Part 1: Measurement methods and reporting schema. This has been approved with comments
  • ISO/DTS 15311-2, Graphic technology – Requirements for printed matter for commercial and industrial production – Part 2: Principles, applications and priorities for testing digital commercial print sheets. This has been approved with comments
  • ISO 16613-1, Graphic technology – Variable content replacement – Part 1: Using PDF/X-4 for variable content replacements (PDF/VCR-1). This has been approved with comments
  • ISO/TS 10128, Graphic technology – Methods of adjustment of the color reproduction of a printing system to match a set of characterization data. This has been confirmed
  • ISO/DIS 19445, Graphic technology – Metadata for graphic arts workflow – XMP metadata for image and document proofing. This has been approved with no comments
  • ISO/pre-DIS 19593-1, Graphic technology – Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data – Part 1: Processing steps for packaging and labels. This passed pre DIS and should now be recommended for DIS ballot, which was to be discussed in November in Seoul
  • ISO/CD 15930-9, Graphic technology – Prepress digital data exchange using PDF – Part 9: Complete exchange of printing data (PDF/X-6) and partial exchange of printing data with external profile reference (PDF/X-6p and PDF/X-6n) using PDF 2.0. This has been approved with no comments
  • ISO 12634, Graphic technology – Determination of the tack of paste inks and vehicles by a rotary tackmeter. This has been disapproved with comments. This standard defines a method that is not consistent with the ASTM methods in use elsewhere in the world

Standards currently under revision

  • ISO/CD 20654, Graphic technology – Measurement and Calculation of Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV). This was discussed at the CGATS / USTAG meeting

If you would like to review and comment on any of the upcoming ballots on these standards, please contact FTA Director of Education Joe Tuccitto.

About the Authors: Jean Engelke is the chair of FTA’s Flexo Quality Consortium. She has earned an AAS in Graphic and Design Technology, a BA in Printing Management, an MBA, and an MA in Industrial Engineering Management. Jean started her career teaching Printing and Paper Science at Western Michigan University. She has held positions in R&D, engineering and global product marketing with Appleton Papers, Alcan Packaging and Eastman Kodak Company. Currently she is the Business Development Manager – Packaging Group for RR Donnelley.

Dr. Danny Rich obtained a master’s degree in physics in 1977 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA. In 1998, he joined Sun Chemical Corp. to direct the Sun Chemical Color Research Laboratory in the Daniel J. Carlick Technical Center in Carlstadt, NJ. He has been awarded the Nickerson Service award from the Inter-Society Color Council in 1999, the National Printing Ink Manufacturers award for Technical Achievement in 2008, a Thomas Alva Edison award for innovation by the Research Council of New Jersey in 2008, the Robert F Reed Medal from the Printing Industries of America in 2013, the Mattiello Memorial award from the American Coatings Association in 2015.