MELBOURNE, Australia—All indications are that the Australia New Zealand Flexographic Technical Association (ANZFTA) and the Australian based Label And Tag Manufacturers Association (LATMA) will merge in the very near future. The resulting entity’s proposed name: The Association for The Flexographic Printing Industry (FLPA). Effective date is anticipated to be Jan. 1.

The move requires 75 percent of members to approve. Ratification is anticipated. The rationale behind the strategic alignment of two associations into one: globalization and consolidation. Those trends have resulted in smaller potential member pools, plus budget constraints for both entities. It is thought that joining forces will enhance value propositions associated with both ANZFTA and LATMA.

As of now, a constitution has been drafted for the new organization. Officers and administrators are yet to be decided upon. It is anticipated that current leadership of both ANZFTA and LATMA will be reflected in the governing body of the joint group.

Among the initial orders of business will be planning and scheduling of a 2016 Technical Forum, which will serve as the successor to ANZFTA’s long standing annual meeting.