2015 FTA President’s Award Honors Jennye Scott & Richard Black, Individuals Who Make Collaboration Fun

Over the years, the FTA President’s Award has been bestowed annually on individuals who understand the philosophy of leadership and who commit themselves to taking on the responsibility of being an industry driver.

In most years, our award recipients represent companies that understand the value of industry collaboration and how the rewards of active participation come back to them many times over. This year, we honor two individuals whose companies are perpetually at the top of the list of active FTA volunteers!

Jennye Scott 2015 FTA President's AwardJennye Scott, VP of creative services at Berry Plastics Corp., brings a “let’s get it done” attitude with her on every project where she shares her talent. Representing a large, multi plant printing company producing a wide range of unique flexo products, Jennye has assumed the role of corporate leader in embracing the virtues of Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST) as a means of not only improving her company’s bottom line, but also as a very effective mechanism to enhance the skill set of its employees thereby creating a very positive, confident workforce at the same time.

As prepress chair for FIRST 5.0, she has worked diligently to bolster the effort industry wide through her very active and vocal support of the benefits that the program will bring to printing companies. Never afraid to address an audience, it’s not uncommon to experience Jennye at the podium openly speaking on specific ways that her company has improved its efficiency significantly through her involvement in FTA activities. As co-chair for this year’s Forum—and stepping into the role of chair for Forum 2016 in Fort Worth—Jennye has thoroughly embraced the “let’s change things up and be different” attitude that has led to a fresh, new Forum experience for FTA members in all aspects of the event. Collaborating with Jennye is always an adventure and, in her own words, “awesome sauce!” Thanks for sharing your great attitude with FTA, Jennye!

Richard Black 2015 FTA President's AwardRichard Black, director of digital solutions at All Printing Resources, Inc. (APR), doesn’t seem to have the word “no” in his vocabulary. And FTA has been the beneficiary on numerous occasions as a result of one very apropos word in his title… solutions! Richard comes from a long line of volunteers within his company. APR’s culture of giving back is always front and center, and Richard exemplifies all that goes into assuming a leadership position anywhere that will benefit from his diverse set of talents, most specifically in the areas of color reproduction, print analysis and color proofing.

As a strong proponent of the benefits of FIRST, he has been a key member of the development team through his efforts on updating the document to FIRST 5.0, in addition to remaining a perennial contributor to the FIRST Committee as it continues to pursue enhancements for another new release later this year. Plus, Richard not only talks the talk… he walks the walk as a Level III – FIRST Certified Implementation Specialist. Transitioning “theory” into real life experience, he actively participated as a leader on the October 2014 FLEXO Magazine cover project, which not only demonstrated his ability to produce top quality flexo printing—on a job that is not your typical “package!”—but also validated the two technologies selected to receive the 2014 FTA Technical Innovation Award. And there’s always a smile on his face as he says, “sure… I’d be glad to help you out on that project!” Your positive outlook is admirable, Richard!