Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0

Before you can control the process, you have to understand it.

That’s where the ultimate guide to flexography comes in. With Flexography: Principles & Practices (FP&P) 6.0 you’ll:

  • Understand the fundamentals of the flexographic workflow
  • Understand the core components, concepts and applications
  • Understand what drives superior print quality

Print Edition: FTA Member: $138 | List: $276
Kindle Edition: $99

The newly revised and expanded FP&P features Parts I and II, which includes 29 chapters (with additional content via download), hundreds of vibrant, full color illustrations, a detailed glossary of terms and an extensive troubleshooting guide.

Those new to the industry will benefit from content on:

  • Pressesorderbutton
  • Ink
  • Ink metering systems
  • Plate mounting

The more practiced flexographer will find detailed information on:

  • Statistical process control
  • Competitive print processes
  • Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances
  • Design
  • Plate making
  • Process color
  • Web inspection systems

And everyone will find use for the updated Flexographic Troubleshooting Guide for those pesky problems sure to arise.

A perfect addition to your bookshelf… just be sure to keep it within easy reach, you’re sure to be referencing it time and time again!

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