Automation in the Prepress Department

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December 1
11 a.m. ET
Martijn Otten, AV Flexologic

Automation in the Prepress Department

The flexographic industry is evolving, and across the industry, AV Flexologic has identified key trends and challenges:

  • Customers demanding improved quality
  • Tighter lead times on print jobs
  • Shorter, more frequent print jobs
  • Aging/retiring prepress staff
  • Inconsistency across shifts
  • Difficulty locating individuals with high skill levels
  • Safety and repetitive motion injuries play a more important factor
  • Wasted time on press that can easily be eliminated upstream

Join Martijn as he explains the implications these trends have on each printer and, subsequently, on each prepress department. He’ll examine how different levels of automation can help optimize your workflow. Learn the benefits of automation—from the plate mounting department, to the flexographic tape application arena and through to full prepress robotization. All are relevant to your business!

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About Our Presenter

headshot Martijn Otten

Martijn Otten, AV Flexologic

Charged with running the family business, Martijn Otten is the managing director of AV Flexologic and Tech Sleeves. The firm specializes in automatic flexographic plate mounting technology, as well as overall automation in prepress. The latest innovation by AV Flexologic is the RoboCELL, featuring complete robotization of the prepress department from automatic taping to mounting flexographic plates onto sleeves with no operator interference and zero waste.