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Monday, October 10

Flexo Highlights from drupa 2016
The mega graphics show, drupa, takes place every four years—kudos to exhibitors for bucking the change to every three! Have you ever wanted to attend, but just couldn’t find the time…or the money to make it? With 1,828 exhibitors and over 1.7 million sq. ft. of space in 17 show halls, it’s a daunting task to make the rounds and report on the most innovative technologies driving the global package printing marketplace. Join Mark and Joe, along with commentary from their special guest experts, as they present their perspective on the game-changing flexo and complementary technologies that they observed during their visit. It will be a whirlwind trip addressing a broad variety of areas within the overall package printing production workflow.
Speakers: Mark Cisternino; Joe Tuccitto, FTA 

2016 Technical Innovation Winners Roundtable
Be sure to attend this roundtable discussion and learn about the technologies that brought home a prestigious 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award. Winners will identify their products, explain the impact their innovations have had on their customers, and describe how winning a Technical Innovation award has contributed to the growth of their businesses.
Speakers: Rich Emmerling, Flint Group; Brian Cook, MacDermid Graphics Solutions; Daniel Poissant, PAD, Peripheral Advanced Design

Tuesday, October 11

Developing Productive, Profitable Talent—A Trainer’s Guide to Success!
Training can be hard, whether you are investing in yourself, in your employees, or attempting to create a culture of continuous education. There are many ways to develop productive employees. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of a highly skilled workforce, including increased productivity and efficiency, reduced employee turnover and increased job satisfaction. Learn from expert panelists as they share what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to training a team. You’ll discover how to keep the momentum going, whether you are just starting out or are in the middle of a new training initiative. Remember, it’s critical to always be improving today, so you can be competitive tomorrow.
Speakers: Jack Trostle, Kendall Packaging Corp.; Greg Horney, Frankston Packaging; Bob Coomes, Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC; Jessica Harrell, Anderson & Vreeland, Inc; Rory Marsoun, Esko

Establishing the Starting Points: The Where’s, What’s & How’s of Setting Up a Job
What does it take to plan and execute a successful and productive workflow? What are the key ingredients of planning a job that will guarantee you achieve the results you’re looking for? You won’t want to miss this session as we examine how to use FIRST to take the headache out of producing high quality results. Start improving now, so that your future looks brighter.

What FIRST? Part 1
Mark Mazur

Where Do We Begin?
Nona Woolbright, Clemson University

Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies

What FIRST? Part 2
Mark Mazur

Producing Results: Qualify, Quantify & Control the Production Run
Producing results means that consistent action is taken toward achieving objectives. Decisions are made promptly. Obstacles are removed. It means you plan ahead and know when to adjust those plans. In this session, we’ll explore best practices that enhance quality and productivity through calibration, quality control and measurement techniques. Don’t become a victim of variation! Strive to never experience a color match from hell! Always have one ear on the production run and the other listening to your customer. Only then will the results you want, be the results you ultimately achieve.

Becoming a Victim of Variation
Ann Michaud, 3M

The Color Match From Hell
Mike Huey, Siegwerk

The Voice of the Customer
Al Marquardt, Kimberly-Clark

Substrates & Beyond!
Ink on paper…ink on film..what works best? Join us as we explore the types of substrates used throughout the flexographic industry and how their surfaces are enhanced to accept ink film transfer. All the while we’ll be taking a look at the unique web handling requirements to make it possible.

What About the Print Surface?
Julie Billing, Spinnaker, LLC

Modifying the Print Surface on Press
Aaron Hootkin, Enercon

Unwind, Rewind and Everything in Between
Matteo Lanata, KBA-Flexotecnica

Wednesday, October 12

Envisioning Tomorrow’s Pressroom
It’s all about finding employees, training employees and keeping employees! Have you ever wondered where you are going to get your press operators of tomorrow?  Do you have a plan for training those people? Join us as we explore training techniques for engaging existing production staff and identifying unique ways for finding and training new employees.

Engaging Production Staff
Jason Roberts, Label Technology

A New Paradigm in Press Operator Training
Ted Biggs, AWT Labels & Packaging

James Stone, VinEquities, Inc.

The Great Anilox Roll Debate
At the heart of any flexographic printing process is the anilox roll. As such, it’s vital to understand the various cell geometries on the market today, and how these affect ink transfer, print quality and consistency. With so many choices available, where do you even begin? Join us for a lively debate among experts from today’s leading anilox roll manufacturers. They will shed light on their products and features. You’ll leave with clear cut recommendations for determining the best engraving specifications for a particular application. Our conference chairs Eric Frank and Sean Teufler will be moderating this energetic conclusion to the conference, make sure not to miss it!
Debaters: Bill Bessett, ARC International; Nick Harvey, Apex International; Bill Poulson, Harper Corporation of America; David Skellie, Interflex Laser Engravers; Shane Weber, Bingham Flexo Services

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