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October 6

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The brand owner has color expectations. The color experts have recommendations: things like Delta E to P, SCTV or just good ol’ fashioned color management. How do these expectations and recommendations fit into the printer’s workflow?

Join a panel of experts as they dissect these recommendations and evaluate the different methods used in today’s color managed flexographic workflow. Plus, learn about the science and tools used to successfully manage brand colors.


Watch Paul Lancelle, Virtual Fall Conference 2020 program chair, discuss this session with FTA’s Director of Education Joe Tuccitto.


Barry Sanel headshot

Diageo Spot Color Requirements

Barry Sanel, Diageo

“They know what they want—Just do it!” Brand owners have specific spot color requirements that must be adhered to during the production process. Join Barry as he describes what some of those requirements are.

Steve Smiley headshot

Applying ISO 12647-6 in the Real World

Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC

Join Steve as he takes a deep dive into ISO 12647-6, Graphic Technology — Process Control for the Production of Half-Tone Colour Separations, Proofs and Production Prints. He will review the three ways to match common print specifications and how they are used in both flexography and offset.

Mark Samworth headshot

G7 in 2020: A Closer Look at NPDC Curves and Acceptance Criteria

Mark Samworth, Esko

G7 has become the standard at which flexography, offset and digital printers aim. However, there is still a lot of confusion around the concept of Neutral Print Density Curves (NPDC) as well as pass/fail criteria. Mark aims to eliminate the confusion and make G7 an intuitive specification at which all flexographic printers can aim.

Kim Madigan headshot

Meeting the Standards in Production: Managing Process Colors

Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies

Do you move print production to multiple presses in your plant or even across your organization? Is color matching across several print technologies important? How can changing your methodology to an industry standard make you more efficient and easier to do business with?

Kim will compare Murray-Davies and G7 methodologies and what they mean to a printer. She will evaluate the methodologies side by side and discuss the differences between press-specific profiles and GRACoL. Additionally, Kim will examine how communicating using FIRST Company Certification “workflow tags” with internal and external team members can help navigate through the transition of these methodologies.

Steve Smiley headshot

Spot Color Specification

Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC

Steve will explain Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) specifications and how they relate to a customer’s expectations. Additionally, he will review the ins and outs of spectral data.

Mark Samworth headshot

Demystifying Spectral Data

Mark Samworth, Esko

Whether you are using density, tone value, L*a*b*, L*C*ho, or just about any other colorimetric measurement, color quantification begins with spectral data. Spectral data is initially captured with a spectrophotometer and then transformed through mathematical algorithms into other color metrics. Spectral data is the DNA of color, but exactly what spectral data is and how it is used remains a mystery. Mark will attempt to remove the mystery of color data from which all other color metrics are derived.

Kim Madigan headshot

Meeting the Standards in Production: Managing Spot Colors

Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies

When it comes to managing spot colors, a printer can use CxF or create custom drawdowns, and it could implement Pantone Live or simply use a traditional Pantone swatch book. But what exactly is the customer using to evaluate spot colors?

Kim brings it home as she discusses how her company communicates spot color to its customers.


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