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One-Pass Packaging—Critical Stops & Must-See Equipment at INFOFLEX 2019

When hundreds and hundreds of mission-focused printers hit the INFOFLEX 2019 trade floor, the thought, ever-present on each individual’s mind, will be “efficiency.”

Sound business practices demand it. Smart technologies deliver it. Modularity breeds expansion, making one-pass printing and converting, as well as the integration of multiple print processes and finishing options on one line—itself carrying a streamlined footprint—truly possible.

This May, INFOFLEX showcases package printing and converting’s future—all under a single roof at New Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. It happens May 6-7, when FTA’s signature exhibition will shine new light on state-of-the-art converting equipment offerings that will serve to future-proof production at every attendee’s plant.

Products on display transcend flexo, reaching into analogue, digital and hybrid presses; smart systems, automated engineering, and the most complete and affordable solutions available to meet the ever-present challenges associated with short runs, quick turns, fast changeover; but most importantly, quality, consistent, repeatable packaging that carries high-impact graphics and motivates people to buy.

All segments—labels, flexible packaging, folding carton, corrugated display, premedia, decorating, finishing—will be addressed. Critical to the equation: the ability to make it all happen in a single pass. Automation, control, collaboration, connectivity, and inspection all play into sound economics and real efficiencies.

Presses—wide web, narrow web, mid web, digital, hybrid—slitters/rewinders, laminators, web inspections systems, automatic registration, impression and tension guides, finishing tools, coaters, dryers, surface treaters, trim handling systems, waste management processors, and washup devices all list out among essential, not-to-be-missed products worth examining.

All eight aisles have multiple stops that quality-conscious and efficiency-minded printers will not want to miss in their search to simplify the tasks at hand, while improving the service and support rendered.

FLEXO’s first-ever Pre-INFOFLEX Converting Equipment Selector was compiled based on submissions from qualified machinery exhibitors that answered the call to participate. It is arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer and booth numbers are furnished to plan time accordingly.

INFOFLEX attendees are encouraged to prepare targeted questions to learn about the specific products pictured and detailed beginning right here.

Concerned about converting at INFOFLEX 2019?

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AB Graphic International

Booth 649

AB Graphic’s Omega SRI Rewinder features an advanced operating system, quality servo drives, pneumatic expandable rewind mandrels, keypad or touchscreen operation, as well as QuickSetup for pre-defined jobs and JobRepeat setup. Optional fleyeVision provides a full production and process control solution for 100 percent web inspection and other quality control requirements on conventional presses, digital presses, rewinders and automated finishing systems.

Allstein GmbH

Booth 223

Allstein’s new 10-color “Hydro” robotic press offers extraordinarily fast changeovers, superior graphics, high-speed production and low waste. It accomplishes this via extensive motion studies, elimination of bounce and chatter, rigid construction for superior vibration dampening, solid and proven slide-away technology, a unique proven bearing system, and an innovative drive system that supplies superior registration and the highest-grade graphics.

Atlas Converting North America

Booth 623

With more than 3,500 machine installations in more than 80 countries, Atlas and Titan are recognized as global market leaders in the production of primary and secondary slitters/rewinders. Technology and innovation has delivered a wide, fast primary slitter/rewinder (34.78-ft. at 4,921.6 fpm) in response to customers looking to achieve greater flexibility, shorter runs, faster changeovers and overcome other slitting/rewinding challenges stemming from an ever-challenging and ever-changing environment.

BALDWIN Vision Systems

Booth 725

Guardian PQV 100 percent print inspection eliminates every defect with a more efficient, accurate, data-connected inspection workflow. The system provides complete print quality verification from prepress through production, reporting and archiving, for perfect printruns. Find and remove defects quickly. Monitor your processes to prevent defects from occurring in the first place. Guardian PQV delivers advanced, automated, inline defect detection for your entire production process—on any machine, on any material, in any production environment. With optional real-time monitoring, printers can track and compare many different production metrics. Press managers can monitor changes as they happen and make highly informed decisions about print quality, defect management and even operator-to-operator performance.

BOBST North America Inc

Booth 211

Unprecedented process consistency featuring novel solutions in mechanical design and process control, the BOBST 20SEVEN central impression (CI) flexo press delivers increased efficiency and output quality. Outstanding results obtained with conventional printing make it the ideal solution to fully exploit the potential of expanded gamut (EG) printing using water- or solvent-based inks. Easy to use process automation, including the exclusive smartGPS registration and impression setting system, enable fast operation and press monitoring with minimum downtime and waste. This makes printing of even the smallest order highly profitable.

BST North America Inc

Booth 403

As an intelligent tool for quality management, iPQ-Check uncompromisingly combines 100 percent print inspection with high-quality web monitoring throughout the entire print format. Typical areas for implementation of the iPQ-Check include packaging printing, decorative prints, wallpaper printing and label printing. iPQ-Check also enables you to identify defects on rewinders, cross cutters and longitudinal cutters. It offers users the following benefits: uninterrupted quality control, reliable defect detection, fast defect correction, increased productivity through automatic print monitoring, targeted defect prevention based on the analysis of production records, reduced waste and complaints, and increased customer satisfaction. With high-performance line cameras, iPQ-Check delivers detailed color image information for an instant read of the print pattern, starting from the first rotation of the print cylinder. The result: flawless print quality that impresses your customers.


Booth 130

CAMIS flexographic plate mounting and demounting systems have an enviable reputation for practicality, accuracy and immense reliability, providing perfectly mounted press-ready sleeves easily, quickly and efficiently. CAMIS prides itself on making high-quality machines that require zero ongoing calibration or any intense reactive maintenance, resulting in one of the lowest total costs of ownership of any machine. The CAMIS range is configurable to your actual needs and consists of: Irismall & LMA (Label Mounter Auto), mid/wide web Irisleeve sleeve HD with Esko HD Certification and Flexo Industry 4.0, the Iriflex with optional proofing and the DMTS Demounter. CAMIS Total Work Flow Control allows printers to achieve high levels of standardization and repeatability though all operators and jobs, saving many of the headaches usually associated with complex plate mounting systems.

Catbridge Machinery

Booth 431

The Model 900 duplex center winder is ideal for applications including flexible packaging, primary films, label stock and tape. This machine runs at speeds up to 2,500 fpm, rewinds to standard 32-in. or 40-in. diameters, and slits to a minimum 1-in. width. Precise control of edge quality and roll build ensures top-quality finished rolls.

Comexi Group Industries

Booth 200

The Comexi F2 MP has been designed to satisfy the printing needs of the longest runs in the flexible packaging sector. It adds a reinforced design to the drying system of the printing units, achieving the best features in the longest runs, where the printing speed is the differential factor. The Comexi F2 shares the patented FLEXOEfficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility, as well as the performance and robustness of the rest of the F2 range.

CONPRINTA Printing Technology

Booth 624

CONPRINTA Printing Technology offers Hybrid Preprint, a combination of analogue and digital print, in a designated press. The IMD flexographic printing system and the digital expansion enable high-quality preprint. CONPRINTA offers innovative technology and software for true “PrePrint on Demand,” an economical process solution that supports maximum flexibility. Its IMD machines are currently available in multiple widths and can be produced according to your requirements. This has helped customers to maximize production. By listening to clients’ particular needs, CONPRINTA provides customers with a secure advantage in their respective marketplaces.

Converting Equipment International

Booth 831

In addition to setting the bar for slitters/rewinders, CEI defines the standard for digital inkjet hybrid presses. CEI’s second-generation BossJet, powered by Domino, represents a paradigm shift for label manufacturers worldwide, a shift toward ease-of-use and automation. The entirely redesigned BossJet delivers unparalleled versatility—complex enough to meet the high-tech demands of short-to-medium-run print jobs, yet simple enough that your newest employee can operate it. The BossJet drives down the cost of ownership by reducing waste, increasing employee efficiencies, and giving owners added flexibility in the variety of jobs they can run on a single machine. This combination of state-of-the-art inkjet printing, plus fast high-quality converting, decorating and finishing, gives customers one of the lowest costs of operation and fastest ROIs in the industry.

EyeC-America LLC

Booth 322

EyeC presents its newest EyeC ProofRunner Web Series, which monitors the quality of labels or flexible packaging to ensure the delivery of high-quality inspected products. This inline system is available with 4k or 8k cameras, in widths of 17.71-in., 21.65-in. and 29.92-in. The ProofRunner checks text, graphics, color variations, variable data, and 1D and 2D codes on 100 percent of the web. In combination with the EyeC Quality Link, it checks print quality on the press, evaluates inspection data and sends this information to the rewinder to easily and efficiently remove faulty material.

Ferrarini & Benelli SrL

Booth 110

Universal corona treatment is now possible. Ferrarini & Benelli’s Polimetal model is specifically designed for printing, laminating and coating applications. Its modular configuration allows excellent corona treatment on conductive and non-conductive materials at high speed. Due to the compact design, it can be easily installed. A second, ET98 model is the corona unit designed for narrow web printing presses. It assures great ink bonding on multiple substrates.

FUJIFILM North America Corp, Graphic Systems Division

Booth 625

Want to do more for less with your current press? Imagine running faster speeds, producing multiple version labels with variable data, and printing new substrates like thin films and shrink sleeves—all on your existing flexo press. Now you can. FUJIFILM will showcase Flenex plates with the CTouch plate processor, the new Illumina retrofit LED curing system and hybrid UV-LED flexo inks. Additionally, attendees will experience new and innovative digital solutions along with a top-of-class flexo press.

Gama Americas

Booth 108

The Gama VIS-G26 and G29 viscometers are simple, compact and easy-to-use tools that control ink viscosity. Used for both solvent- and water-based inks, they integrate in the pipe for the distribution of ink from the container to the printing unit. The VIS-G31 is a microprocessor controller for viscosity, pH and temperature of water-based ink, varnish and lacquer. It can be used for flexographic, corrugated and rotogravure presses. The VIS-G31 can be installed either inline or bypass, and it measures viscosity in seconds. The sensor is cleaned at the end of the job along with the ink system.


Booth 848

GEW’s NUVA2 is a fully air-cooled system that represents effective UV curing technology and is available for web widths of up to 98.43-in. NUVA2 maximizes machine productivity. It is versatile and controllable, with no heat transfer to the machine or substrate at standby through the use of patented, actively air-cooled shutter technology. NUVA2 supports the fastest curing speeds, delivering the highest dose and highest intensity for maximum curing power. NUVA2 comes with a comprehensive five-year system warranty. NUVA2 is also available with GEW’s innovative multi-point UV monitoring, or mUVm. This continuously measures UV intensity across the web. With this highly reliable and cost-effective solution it is possible to attain 100 percent UV inspection for every batch, by recording live outputs for every lamp.

Grafikontrol North America

Booth 112

Grafikontrol North America will be presenting LYNEX, a 100 percent print inspection system. The continuous inspection of the entire print repeat, with programmable sensitivities, allows the automatic detection of all print or substrate defects and a real-time evaluation of production. The immediate warning, when a flaw is detected, guarantees elimination of defective material, thereby optimizing the process. Modular architecture, combined with powerful hardware and dedicated algorithms for image processing, make the LYNEX a flexible and easy-to-use instrument for inspection on flexo, gravure, offset and digital presses. LYNEX combines one or more linear color cameras for an accurate real-time inspection of the entire web width at production speeds exceeding 3,000 fpm with clear discrimination of defect by size and type.

Heidelberg USA/Gallus Products

Booth 240

The Labelfire 340 is a hybrid flexo and digital label and flexible packaging production system that combines 8-color UV inkjet printing quality with the inline embellishments and converting efficiency of traditional Gallus flexo presses. The advanced inkjet system, co-developed with Heidelberg, features state-of-the-art, 1,200 dpi inkjet heads from FUJIFILM. Recently introduced as a 5-color inkjet version, the Labelfire E 340 provides a lower cost of entry to get started in digital-hybrid label printing with the same reliability and image quality as the 8-color model. Both systems are integrated into Heidelberg’s Prinect print media workflow.

INX International Ink Co

Booth 634

Delivering single-pass output up to 300 fpm on any label stock, the NW340 press combines printing and conversion to produce vivid color printed labels at a maximum printing width of 13.38-in. This complete solution includes modules that help printers meet the growing demand for high-quality inks and allow printers to exceed expectations for high-quality, productive short-run digital printing.

Kampf Machinery Corp

Booth 524

Kampf Machinery Corp is a world leader in innovation and technology in providing slitting and rewinding machinery to the converting industry. Segments that are served are BOPP and BOPET film manufacturing, flexible packaging, plastic films, foils and laminates. Kampf has several duplex center wind machines that are available, which offer great value and productivity for the money. Parts and service are located out of its Nashville, TN location, where several machines are positioned for live demonstrations. These machines are all available for sale from stock on a first-come basis. Stop by and talk slitting and rewinding.

Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica

Booth 707

Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica, a member of the Koenig & Bauer (KBA) Group, is a global supplier of flexographic central impression (CI) presses—six to 12 colors, converting machines for flexible and rigid packaging, and laminating equipment. The newly designed Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica CI presses benefit from shared technologies within the Koenig & Bauer Group. A German and Italian team of dedicated experts work closely with one another to produce the next generation of flexo presses.

Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co Ltd (KYMC)

Booth 402

KYMC is a go-to partner when seeking a customized flexo press that matches your requirements exactly. The company has more than 50 years of experience in meeting niche market demand. Its flagship press, Euroflex, is a state-of-the-art gearless flexo press and is one of the best valued gearless presses on the market. The flagship press is equipped with the highest automation, precision, stability and cleaning technologies available. The press technologies, along with its structural design, allow for maximum press speed, working on the widest range of substrates. If you are looking for maximum efficiency and minimum human intervention, this is the press for you to customize.

Madern USA

Booth 723

Madern is proud to announce one of the most technologically advanced rotary die systems hitting the US market, the RIRO 1450. With run speeds of 1,500 fpm and five minutes or less tool changeovers, this premium system is equipped with state-of-the-art RFID tool technology to program and save your tool setting for faster changeovers. In addition, advanced safeguards such as automatic web jam cutters and noise reduction enclosure are available. Madern can integrate this system into existing lines or customize it to your needs. Why get left behind with old technology when you can be a leader of the folding carton industry? Contact Madern now to help revolutionize your company.

Mark Andy Inc

Booth 724

Mark Andy Performance Series P9E—the newest entry on the Performance Series platform—continues to meet the needs of evolving demands. The P9E is engineered specifically for film, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and foil lidding up to 26-in. Thanks to Mark Andy AI, the P9E is one of the most intuitive presses in its class with automated registration and impression, job save, eight servo motors per station and a centralized control system—all at print speeds of 1,000 fpm.

Martin Automatic Inc

Booth 236

Every production upgrade you make impacts today’s capabilities and tomorrow’s possibilities. Martin Automatic delivers future-proof production—versatile and stable high-performance automatic roll-change technology that performs now and far into the future. The MBS automatic splicer with integrated right-angle turnbar occupies only 65-in. in the press line in the running direction, using 17-in. wide web. Don’t wait for a future expansion—Use your existing floor space and get non-stop performance now.

Matik Inc

Booth 328

On the Matik stand, SEI Laser will be highlighting its Packmaster CW (Cross Web) laser system. Create any shape window to pouches and flexible packaging using SEI Laser’s Packmaster laser technology. It is often used for food and beverage, pet food, personal care and grocery products. Capabilities include easy open, window packaging, easy ventilation and easy breathe. It will work on processable materials such as paper, PE, PET, PP, nylon, PTFE and laminated films. It will work on roll widths up to 70.8-in. Process speeds are up to 1,312 fpm on the PackMaster CW, and up to 1,640 fpm on the PackMaster WD.

MPS Systems North America Inc

Booth 424

The EF SYMJET press is a hybrid flexo inkjet solution that gives converters a range of new print potential with the symbiotic combination of conventional and digital printing technologies. The EF SYMJET flexo press is built with the standard MPS EF platform and an integrated Domino digital N610i inkjet printer. Get the best of both worlds together in a future-proof solution. The established flexo press and proven digital system can be combined and used integrated inline or separately to work offline. This hybrid solution combines the best of conventional solutions, digital technology and operator focus for which MPS is known.


Booth 237

The FA is the latest addition to Nilpeter’s market-leading flexo program, built around the modern press operator and designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs. The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. The new FA, for example, offers complete clean hand operation from wireless tablets, handheld or positioned anywhere on the front of the machine. All new machines offer total job storage and recall, completely automated controls and full connectivity. Furthermore, by applying module methodology to both mechanics and software, printers are able to enhance and execute new opportunities without a complete reinvestment.

Nordmeccanica NA Ltd

Booth 609

The Duplex SL One Shot is designed to handle the quick curing solventless adhesive solution developed by Dow. Symbiex continues to grow in the number of installations in North America. Interest is boosted as well by the latest evolution of Symbiex, allowing it to run high-barrier substrate lamination at speeds never seen before in solventless conversion, while holding the same benefit of the first-generation of the adhesive with 90 minutes to slitter and one day to food contact. Samples, technical and commercial information will be available by visiting the Nordmeccanica booth. Innovations and the newest development in machine design will also be presented at the booth of one of the largest suppliers to North America of coating and laminating machinery.

Novaflex Inc

Booth 507

Higher speeds are possible, thanks to the versatile Combi coater/laminator that can do many applications to justify the economic cost. One gravure station can apply a solvent- or water-based adhesive or special digital or high-barrier coating. Print, laminate and out the door for fast time to market. A second solventless high-performance adhesives coating unit is available for products requiring higher bond strengths—for example, retort packaging.

OMET Americas Inc

Booth 549

The OMET XJet printing press is the result of the combination between OMET flexo quality and Durst digital inkjet printing technology. The OMET XJet offers an innovative solution able to extend a label printer’s productivity and erase unnecessary costs. It combines Durst inkjet technology with OMET flexo units, plus finishing and converting units, to obtain the final product always in one single pass. It is able to merge all the advantages of the two printing technologies in one single press. It widens significantly the range of printing opportunities, adapting the production to changeable market trends, like personalization, just-in-time deliveries and final product valorization.

Paper Converting Machine Co (PCMC)

Booth 537

PCMC’s Meridian laser anilox cleaner provides printers and converters a solution for a one-pass cleaning that achieves like-new surface conditions at unprecedented speeds. Aniloxes are cleaned to nearly full volume minus wear, eliminating the need for adding base and toning time. Color matching is achieved faster, easier and using less waste. The Meridian’s laser automatically focuses, allowing anilox rolls of various diameters and widths to be cleaned in the same pass without any operator intervention whatsoever. There are no air lines, no water lines and no external exhaust is required. The device utilizes standard power 100/220-V. single phase.

PPC Technologies & Solutions LLC (PPCTS)

Booth 349

ISTpure solvent recyclers (originally branded as ECOpure), are reclaim and recovery systems for in-house recycling of contaminated and dirty solvents for industrial applications. The rugged, electronically controlled and high-performance design of the ISTpure solvent recycler makes it one of the most efficient and safest processes to safely recycle, distill and recover contaminated solvents. You will significantly reduce your solvent purchases and your disposal costs. All ISTpure solvent recycling and recovery systems are designed, engineered and fabricated in North America. ISTpure Solvent Recyclers, Distillation and Recovery Systems are certified to UL2208 standards, ex-proof Class 1 Div 1 Group D to meet NEC/NFPA requirements for solvent recycler system designs, safety, certification and installations.

Precision AirConvey Corp

Booth 303

The TrimPAC Trim Handling System is versatile, pre-engineered and comes with everything you need for reliable, clog-free, high-speed conveying and removal. It can cut and convey edge trim and matrix into a waste bin or baler at a 20 percent higher rate than venturi systems, while densifying the waste at rates up to 20:1. The TrimPAC can handle almost any type of material, including film, sheet, foil, laminate, paper, label and PSA waste, depending on the material’s width and thickness and the total convey distance required.


Booth 620

PRIME UV coating systems for the widest web UV coatings are easy to retrofit or install on all central impression (CI) and inline flexo presses. They are available in the newest high-speed LED configurations, and long-life UV standard systems. Cure UV coatings on flexible films, preprint linerboard, labels, carton stocks, metallic substrates, security stocks and more. PRIME UV finishing is installed throughout the world to produce packaging of the very highest quality and best value.

Retroflex Inc

Booth 106

Retroflex offers a wide range of narrow and wide web printing and coating equipment for the flexographic and gravure market. Standard flexographic presses include the T-Series, S-Series, K-Series and Fox Series. Most models are available in an inline, stack or central impression (CI) configuration. Gearless servo and on-press sleeve changes are some of the many available features. Retroflex also offers single- and two-side coaters, unwinds, rewinds, dryers, enclosed doctor blade systems, and downstream printing and coating systems. Consumable parts and accessories are available for Retroflex equipment as well as other manufacturers’ equipment. The company is pleased to announce its involvement in providing premium slitters, knives and grinding services to the converting industry.


Booth 325

RotoRepel Adhesive Control Treatment is RotoMetrics’ award-winning proprietary polymer coating for flexible and solid dies, applied to maximize adhesive control and improve overall press uptime. RotoRepel optimizes operational efficiency for press performance. Adhesive control and additional advantages include: one use and it pays for itself, less die damage, fewer missing labels, reduction in blocking in rewind and formulation that is FDA compliant.

SOMA Spol sro

Booth 310

The Optima2 flexo press offers several unique features that resolve the key challenges of flexo printing. The Advanced Bounce Control system represents cutting-edge technology that eliminates bounce at maximum press speeds to optimize print quality when using HD plates. The ARUN system automatically sets print register and impression without any setup waste. This offline system combines the advantages of a plate mounter with a fully automated device for plate topography and register measurement. The Optima2 Ink Cartridge reduces the residual ink waste of metallic and other expensive special-effect inks. Finally, Optima2’s retrofit-ready design allows operators to customize the press to the customer’s specific needs.


Booth 738

TRESU Group is a highly specialized company offering flexible, customized solutions of flexo printing machines and ancillary products for flexo, digital and offset printing to the graphic industry. TRESU Group has more than 35 years of experience and expertise in the development and production of engineered solutions for this industry and supplies directly to end-customers, OEMs and partners. With more than 98 percent of the production being exported, TRESU Group is a strong player on the global market. TRESU Group has production facilities in Denmark and the US, sales companies in Germany, Italy, Japan and China, and an international agency network providing local support and know-how.

Uteco Group NA

Booth 504

Uteco Group is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging equipment. Established in 1985, it has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of flexographic and gravure presses in the world. Innovation has always been a key point at Uteco. It continues that innovation with the Sapphire Evo digital press. This water-based platform is capable of running speeds between 500 fpm and 800 fpm, and is the ideal solution for digital production. Tailored for short and medium runs, this platform is the perfect solution for promotional printing, reduced production time, personalized products and customized printing. Just send the file and come take your rolls. The Sapphire Evo can print on a variety of materials such as PP, BOPP, PE, PET and paper. Sapphire Evo—If you can think it, you can print it.

Vetaphone North America

Booth 118

A pioneer and a world-leading manufacturer of surface treatment technology, Vetaphone will be promoting its range of corona and plasma equipment at INFOFLEX 2019. The company’s products span narrow to wide web and from printing to converting and extrusion applications. All Vetaphone units are manufactured to UL and CE standards and are designed for maximum efficiency, minimal maintenance and ease of operation. Vetaphone brings a high-quality solution to any application where plastic or metallized materials require further processing. Working with the leading OEMs, the company is renowned for the controllability of its products and their inherent reliability, which allows production technology to operate at full speed. The company is a global supplier offering local support to its many and varied customers.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp

Booth 410

Maximum profitability, efficient performance, quick job changes, consistently exceptional print—that’s what is promised as W&H Corp readies the North American premiere of its NOVOFLEX II press. At the heart of advancements made on the printing decks is the new doctor blade chamber technology. The press is targeted at the premium printer looking to satisfy expectations that include shorter job lengths, sharp and crisp images, and a host of time-saving processes. First look came at a March 27 open house in Lengerich, Germany. There, attendees were invited to “Experience the Future of Flexo.”

XDS Holdings Inc

Booth 808

Tired of stopping to wash plates during a run? KleenPlate from XDS continuously washes plates during the run, minimizing stops. The new Auto Wash feature also allows plates to be washed on press at the end of a job. Better still, print defects, dot bridging and dot gain from dirty plates are virtually eliminated. On-demand cleaning is available and can be linked to a defect detection system. Intuitive programming and an operator-friendly interface make for easy adoption by printers. Better print, fewer stops, more money. KleenPlate fits onto most any inline press.

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