INFOFLEX 2018 logoThere will be plenty to see at INFOFLEX 2018, but a highlight of the event will be equipment demonstrations from a wide range of companies. Here’s a look at the machinery to be showcased May 7-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN

O.C. Agergaard GmbH, Booth 649

O.C. Agergaard GmbH will be showing its graphic supplies for flexo and offset printing. Agergaard high-end chamber end seals and doctor blades contribute to a smooth printing process in flexo and offset printing by keeping the printing deck clean and creating excellent results. Agergaard offers tailor-made solutions for consumables for label printing, consumables for corrugated printing, consumables for flexible packaging and consumables for food packaging.

Altech Co Ltd, Booth 811

At its booth, Altech Co Ltd will be demonstrating its prepress software.

AMETEK Brookfield, Booth 611

AMETEK Brookfield will exhibit the AST viscosity control system for flexographic and rotogravure printing inks, adhesives, varnish and coating applications. The AST has no moving parts and provides consistent quality product with little-to-no operator intervention.

Anilox Roll Cleaning Systems, Booth 735

INFOFLEX 2018 homepage Why ExhibitAnilox Roll Cleaning Systems will have its ECLIPSE portable laser cleaning system. Features include:

  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Chemical and waste free
  • No cleaning media required, so no “consumable” to purchase
  • Low-cost operation—only requires electricity (no compressed air, no water required
  • “Hot-Spot” free circular laser scanner
  • “Tune-ability”—customizable settings for your application
  • Multi-stage filtration system with replacement notification sensors
  • Cleans rolls/sleeves/cylinders—most kinds, including anilox, gravure, chrome and steel rolls
  • Cleans surfaces—virtually any linescreen, engraving, pattern or complex geometry, without damage to cells, walls or landings
  • Cleans residues—practically any kind of ink, coating, adhesive, glue and other residues

ARC International, Booth 305

ARC International will be bringing examples of its Nickelback Sleeve System:

  • NBA Anilox Sleeve—nickel inner layer less prone to damage/wear and requires less air than fiberglass for mounting and demounting
  • NBE Extender Sleeve—for larger repeats
  • NBT—tint sleeve with nickel inner layer
  • NBL—rubber-covered nickel sleeve ready for laser engraving
  • NBN—naked nickel sleeve for direct plate mounting

AV Flexologic, Booth 538

AV Flexologic will be showcasing its state-of-the-art SAMM 1700 2.0. The SAMM 2.0 is the next generation of automatic flexo plate mounting devices developed by AV Flexologic. With more than 10 years of experience in automatic mounting, using cutting-edge vision technology, the SAMM is one of the world’s most accurate, automated and fastest mounting machines.

AVT, Booth 225

AVT will showcase its latest 100 percent Turbo print inspection, job verification, inline color monitoring and measurements, advanced automations and end-to-end workflows.

Central Die Supplies Inc, Booth 845

Central Die Supplies Inc will be showcasing its Flexo Plate Laminator from Pro Shim Supplies UK with the following features:

  • Working width: 55-in.
  • Movable table size: 55-in. x 82.6-in.
  • Speed: zero-16 fpm
  • Winding shaft mounted on machine, opening on one side, 3-in., max roll 13-in., 175 lbs.
  • PLC control panel by Siemens
  • Table moves back to starting position automatically
  • Table with anti-stick coating
  • Orientation line (color foam) on table
  • LED bar for pressure read out
  • Manual cross-cutting unit

See the Show Floor
At INFOFLEX 2018, more than 240 exhibitors will occupy the show floor.
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CleanPlanet Chemical, Booth 850

CleanPlanet Chemical will be showcasing its AlwaysClean high-capacity bagless recycler, which restores spent solvents and other chemicals to virgin quality. Only pay for the solvent gallons recovered, with no capital expense or maintenance costs. It has a distillation capacity of between 180-g. and 220-g. per day. The unit is 120-in. tall, 32-in. wide and 54-in. deep. Its air-operated vacuum pump requires 20 cfm of clean and dry air at 90 psi. AlwaysClean also features a keypad with an LCD screen user interface. Other specifications include:

  • Power: 480 Volts, three-phase, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amps
  • Optional nitro-cellulose package: Requires water hose connection
  • Base area: 12 ft2 / 1.115 m2 Distillation Temperature
  • Ambient to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 Celsius)
  • Distillation pressure: Atmospheric to full vacuum
  • Weight: Empty – 1,300-lbs., operating: 1,800-lbs.
  • Chilled water: Maximum temperature – 60 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum flow – 7-g.

Colorware USA Inc, Booth 610

Colorware USA is proud to introduce its latest software release, MeasureColor 18.1. Including over 250 enhancements and improvements, this upgrade delivers the latest technologies and customer requests. The company will be demonstrating all of these features and more at its booth where you can get hands on with the software and experience the difference in our ease of use, measurement capability, and networked system design. Here are the top things you’ll see:

  • Brand new G7 implementation, certified by Idealliance
  • Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) support, the new ISO 20654 standard for spot color dot measurement
  • M Condition Support, for measuring M0, M1, M2 and M3
  • Specify different tolerances by color or by job
  • MeasureColor Reports, featuring scheduled reporting direct to your email inbox
  • Support for the latest measurement devices from X-Rite and Techkon

Cyber Graphics, Booth 525

Cyber Graphics will feature Bellissima DMS (digitally modulated screening). Bellissima DMS is an exciting new screening product by Hamillroad Software that will allow you to:

  • Achieve print quality typically associated with gravure
  • Print expanded gamut/fixed palette with unmatched performance
  • Reduce visual impact of misregistration on small tinted text and reverses
  • Have champagne quality print—350-450 lpi—on a beer budget

DCM North America Inc, Booth 240

DCM will introduce a new generation of its shrink sleeve seaming machine: the SLEEVE 3 EVO. It is customizable and upgradable on site. The customer can start with the base model and has the ability to add labor and time-saving enhancements as business increases.

Eaglewood Technologies LLC, Booth 402

Eaglewood Technologies LLC will feature its Sitexco SN 1.0 Laser System designed especially for narrow web printers. The Sitexco Roll Cleaning System is an environmentally safe and an effective way of maintaining your anilox inventory. Advanced laser technology, combined with cutting-edge software, allows the user to easily clean ink and coating chemistries of all types. It can also clean multiple narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves with one machine.

EC Shaw Co, Booth 323

EC Shaw Co will be bringing physical examples of both its ITR solution and flat top corrugated plate. The ITR solution promises better print quality, no plate mounting time, better print registration, shorter makeready times results in less waste, and longer plate life (great for frequent re-prints).

The flat top corrugated plate offers LED flat top exposure, specialized dot structures for corrugated, cutting-edge photopolymer plate materials, fully digital workflow and registration for multi-color jobs within .001-in

Enercon Industries, Booth 229

Enercon will have a narrow web corona treater as part of its display. Enercon’s CoronaFlex corona treater improves ink adhesion and productivity for narrow web printing operations. The system features an intuitive touchscreen that guides operators through setup, operation and troubleshooting. It can be integrated with high-speed flexographic and versatile digital printing operations to ensure films and label stock are properly wet for ink adhesion. CoronaFlex treats both conductive and nonconductive films, and solutions are available for virtually any line speed and application.

Ferrarini & Benelli, Booth 625

Ferrarini & Benelli will show its corona treatment unit designed for narrow web printing presses. The compact unit is equipped with a ceramic coated discharge roll and ceramic electrodes that allows the treatment of all types of materials, conductive and non-conductive. The easy-open cartridge for the electrodes facilitates threading and permits a quick removal for maintenance. At its booth, the company will also present its two solutions to quickly check if a surface has been corona treated or not: the new Dyne Test Pens and new Corona Marker.

Flexo Concepts, Booth 207

Visit Flexo Concepts’ booth to learn about its latest premium doctor blade innovations, TruPoint Orange and TruPoint Green. TruPoint Orange is an effective, longer-lasting and safe replacement for steel in label and flexible packaging applications. Orange resolves a variety of pressroom challenges, including UV ink spitting, and is currently shipping as the standard blade on many new press installations. TruPoint Green was developed in Flexo Concepts’ Doctor Blade Innovation Lab to “fill the gap” in mid-high corrugated graphics applications. The blade optimizes metering performance and blade life on line screens between where UHMW is effective and steel is required. All TruPoint blades are engineered in a range of size and profile combinations.

FLXON, Booth 450

FLXON, a leader in pressroom efficiency through advanced technology ink metering solutions, will showcase high-performance pressroom products and services to improve productivity, safety and performance. A highlight is FLXON’s line of Performance Guaranteed Products:

  • SWED/CUT Performance doctor blades, including MFLEX Plus—offers significantly higher wear resistance while being less abrasive. This blade achieves precise ink metering for longer periods at very high operating speeds
  • FLEXOART retrofit doctor blade chambers—thousands of units installed to maintain precise, leak-free ink metering while lowering annual blade spend.
  • G2 Peristaltic Pumps—more than 700 used in pressrooms
  • G2 Qube Ink Filter—eliminates problem causing particulate down to 50µ
  • Quick-Change NW Blade Holders—retrofit to any press
  • End Seals—long lasting
  • Safety+First Gloves

GEW Inc, Booth 412

GEW will feature its patented LW2 lamphead, among the most effective water-cooled LED UV curing technology on the market. GEW has addressed the needs of many printers by developing the first truly futureproof hybrid UV curing system called ArcLED. This system enables an investment in arc UV technology now to be upgraded later with LEDs, using the same lamphead casing and the same power supply and control. Furthermore, GEW will introduce its next generation multi-point UV monitor, or mUVm, representing a major innovation for UV curing installations. GEW’s new mUVm is a set of one to five UV sensors which give continuous monitoring of UV output on a press, to enable finished products of consistent quality to be manufactured, by ensuring the same level of UV energy is always delivered.

Grafikontrol North America, Booth 629

Grafikontrol will showcase its LYNEX label control system. LYNEX is a highly flexible system and combines one or more linear color cameras, configurable as needed, that can work at production speeds up to 2,953 fpm without changing image resolution. It is suitable for defect checking on any type of printing and substrate. White LED lighting ensures quality and light distribution without any degradation of the image, even on reflective materials and inks.

Graymills Corp, Booth 315

Graymills will have a quick change peristaltic pump as part of its display. The innovative design is valuable in the pressroom when short runs require frequent changeovers and quick turnarounds. The “tube” pump is engineered specifically for flexo printing applications and accommodates a wide variety of fluids from inks and coatings to adhesives—water, solvent and UV/EB.

In addition, Graymills will be debuting its new ink cleaner, Inkitine, an ultra-powerful aluminum safe cleaner for water-based and UV inks and coatings.

INX International Ink Co, Booth 111

INX International Ink Co will introduce the new AquaTech ION-X series inks at INFOFLEX 2018. The AquaTech brand has a rich history with a long track record of strong performance, excellent print stability and other advantages. As a crossover flexo system, ION-X runs on paper and most film stocks.

IST America, Booth 712

IST America will be showcasing its complete line of UV curing products, including its newest lineup of LED equipment for the flexo marketplace. IST America is proud to be celebrating its 26th year serving the U.S. and Canadian printing markets and is part of the larger IST Metz corporate family, located near Stuttgart, Germany.

Jalema Filing Division, Booth 107

Jalema will feature its Grafi-System, which is a flexible vertical filing system for storing photopolymer plates, mag/flex dies, proofs, etc. One-point suspension files with dual or single compartment securely hang from a T-Bar for easy storage and retrieval. Save time and money with color-coding indexing.

JM Heaford Ltd, Booth 419

JM Heaford will be exhibiting a flexible packing version of its AutoMounter. The AutoMounter range allows all flexo printers to simplify/de-skill the mounting process while simultaneously reducing press downtown due to miss-mounted plates to zero. The plate is roughly positioned on the manipulators, the operator presses the foot pedal and the AutoMounter then takes over and will mount the plate within a positional accuracy of +/- 5-µ. Each plate takes less than one minute to mount and requires no skilled input from the operator. The AutoMounter can be used both in manual and auto-positioning modes.

Luminite Products Corp, Booth 316

Luminite Products Corp will be exhibiting a 101-in direct laser engraved (DLE) continuous print sleeve at its booth. Stop and take a closer look at direct laser engraved sleeves and Luminite’s patented Load-N-Lok air sleeve technology for all your continuous print needs.

Martin Automatic, Booth 439

Got air? Come see Martin Automatic’s Airnertia idler roller and take the company’s roller challenge—and we’ll take your picture!

  • Can ultra-low inertia idler rollers, that respond to high frequency speed changes at the same rate as your material, change your material purchase decisions?
  • Would eliminating traditional bearing friction and maintenance in your high-speed, low-tension process affect your maintenance costs and process uptime?
  • Does dynamic inertia of idler rollers limit the speed of your intermittent motion process?

Airnertia revolutionizes web transport difficulties caused by dynamic inertial loads and bearing friction. Come see for yourself the impact Airnertia can have on your bottom line!

MicroDynamics, Booth 721

MicroDynamics will be bringing its popular, industry-standard interferometric anilox inspection microscope, the 3DQC RollScope, to INFOFLEX 2018. The company will also be introducing several new products at the show.

MicroDynamics’ new QC Inspection Workstation Cart provides a stable, mobile platform for quality control measurements that also carries the 3DQC computer and support equipment the user may need. The Workstation is the perfect platform for the company’s new, vibration-damped 3DQC Calibration Stage that provides precision positioning of the company’s Spherical Calibration Standards and Precision Stage Micrometer.

MicroDynamics’ two-times wide field of view interferometer for the 3DQC enables measurements of anilox rolls with low screen counts, expanding the operational range of the already versatile 3DQC.

Visit the Solutions Theater
Hear detailed, 20-minute technical presentations at the Solutions Theater.

Mink Brushes, Booth 645

Mink Brushes is a global market leader in modern filament and brush technology. The BSW range of spreader rollers are available in diameters from 2-in. to 7.6-in. and speed up to 3,937 fpm. Mink’s multiple-purpose roller offers three advantages in one operation: spreading, static discharge and slit separation of .07-in. to .1-in.

The fiber technology of Mink’s spreader rollers is achieved by uniquely arranged fiber brushes on the cylindrical roller circumference. Conductive versions eliminate undesired static and is offered for all spreader rollers. Mink spreader rollers are only driven by the web and because of the cylindrical design, smoothly spread the web wrinkle free over the full web width.

Nilpeter, Booth 435

The new FA, a versatile flexo press, is designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. Future customizations are often done with a simple press of a button.

All main components are produced in-house, meaning higher production quality and control. Nilpeter’s LEAN production flow and uniform facilities in Denmark and the U.S. assure delivery worldwide

Novation Inc, Booth 222

Novation’s WebFlaggers are an industry standard, boasting almost 1,000 installations. Its new AF3 model has been completely redesigned in stainless steel with a more compact footprint. The AF3 WebFlagger safely, accurately and automatically flags webs at all speeds, and can be triggered from any inspection system. The new AF3 WebFlagger fits into tight spaces previously unable to accommodate the AF2.

Paper Converting Machine Co, Booths 507 & 508

PCMC (in partnership with Microdynamics) will have a 3DQC RollScope in one of its booths. The two companies are teaming up to provide PCMC customers with the option to include Microdynamics’ 3DQC RollScope as part of a bundled package with the Meridian laser anilox cleaner.

PC Industries, Booth 125

PC Industries is now part of the Baldwin Technology Company, and will be showing three inspection solutions at this year’s show.

The first is the Guardian PQV 100 percent Print Defect Detection System. The PQV is an advanced inspection system for web or sheetfed applications. The system is used to eliminate print defects, grade barcodes, verify variable data, provide dimensional gauging and more—a full featured inspection system to improve your print quality and your bottom line.

The second system is the Guardian OLP PDF Proofing & Offline Inspection System. The OLP is used to verify prepress proofs and pressroom samples against customer-approved master files to ensure revision control and print accuracy throughout your process.

The third is the Graphic-Vision Web Viewing System. The Graphic-Vision 500 Series is the company’s fifth generation of web viewers since the first launched in 1992. The systems display crisp images of the web at any speed using LED lighting and high-resolution cameras. On display is the advanced model GV-530 system featuring a high-speed, heavy duty traverse, and 50 programmable inspection positions.

Polymount US LLC, Booth 527

Polymount will be showcasing its S2 Plate Cleaner. Features include:

  • Cleans and dries dirty plates in five to 10 minutes
  • Can clean six to eight times more plates compared to manual cleaning
  • Handles multiple dirty plates at once due to sticky plate technology
  • Plates can be used or stored immediately after cleaning
  • No damage to printing plates; detergents are specifically developed for the plate cleaner
  • Full-service maintenance contracts available

PPC Technologies & Solutions LLC, Booth 719

PPC Technologies & Solutions LLC will feature its ECOpure SR180V-Nitro Solvent Recycler. ECOpure solvent recycling systems are used for in-house recycling of contaminated and dirty solvents generated from flexo printing press ink washup systems, as well as solvent-based flexo plate makers. All ECOpure solvent recycling and recovery systems are designed, engineered and fabricated in North America.

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc, Booth 322

Ship & Shore Environmental custom engineers, designs and fabricates air pollution abatement equipment specific to the flexographic printing, packaging, and converting processes. Acting as an environmental consultant, the company offers quality products and can provide overall plant optimization services in order to ensure your process is running clean and efficient:

  • Thermal oxidizers (regenerative, direct-fired, etc.)
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Air quality permit assistance
  • Incentive/rebate assistance
  • Plant optimization and aftermarket services

Sonic Solutions, Booth 213

Sonic Solutions will have its PX-721 sleeve cleaning system, capable of cleaning anilox sleeves up to 70-in. in length. The company will also feature its PX202 that can clean anilox rolls up to 19-in. in length. Sonic Solutions will also be giving away its cleaning block samples that replace scrub brushes.

Techkon USA LLC, Booth 716

Techkon will feature its new SpectroVision, a color measurement solution that can be installed on flexo and gravure presses for real-time color measurements during the pressrun. It is guided by a high resolution digital camera to find the precise location of color patches, color bars, and any specific in-image measurement location. The included Techkon ChromaQA color quality software allows users outside the pressroom to create jobs that specify the precise measurement locations, color reference values and customer specific tolerances. Press operators can then run jobs and get immediate, real-time, color results, while live trend graphs show color performance metrics throughout the entire pressrun. In addition, QA managers can create customized reports for customers as well as analyze the color quality data across multiple pressruns, shifts, operators, locations, etc., for further process improvements and increased savings.

TRESU Americas, Booth 815

TRESU Americas will exhibit samples of its chamber doctor blade systems product line:

  • The TRESU patent P-Line, a pneumatic clamping system that allows:
    • A fast blade change in less than one minute
    • Good for all width up to 236-in
  • The TRESU patent E-Line:
    • Good for all width up to 236-in
    • Eccentric clamping—no screws
    • Fast blade change in one to two minutes
  • The lightweight and corrosion resistance carbon fiber chamber doctor blade:
    • Pressure-control ink and coating circulation
    • The chamber prevents solvents from escaping and protects the ink from degradation
    • For all printing and coating units
    • Easy handling

Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp, Booth 328

Windmoeller & Hoelscher will showcase the low-maintenance and pulsation-free TURBOCLEAN ADVANCED E inking and wash-up system. Inner mechanisms of the unit will be visible to visitors and an international W&H team will be on hand for discussion. The system promises cost savings and a quick return on investment. W&H will also present PACKAGING 4.0 and advancements in intelligent technologies—such as W&H’s own fully integrated VISION Assistance System for video web monitoring.

X-Rite Pantone, Booth 841

Meet with X-Rite’s color experts to discuss your specific challenges and solutions that can be tailored to your workflow. At each workstation within the company’s booth, X-Rite will demonstrate end-to-end solutions from specification and premedia to ink formulation and on to production. INFOFLEX will be the public launch of a new product X-Rite has added to its portfolio, and it will be featuring products that support the overall color workflow:

  • eXact
  • ColorCert
  • PantoneLIVE

Xymid, Booth 528

Xymid will be featuring a large variety of print sleeves, mandrel bridges and protective roll cover samples at its booth. The company’s sleeves are made from durable, crack resistant polymeric materials. Additionally, various protective end rings samples will be available. All Xymid’s products are lightweight for operator ease.