Fall Conference 2019 logo

October 28-30
Charlotte, NC

The Takeaways

FLEXO: What do you hope printers in the audience take away from Fall Conference?

Nagle: I hope they achieve a better understanding of each process and why those processes are important as a means to keeping operations running efficiently, because, remember, “time is money.”

FLEXO: How will prepress professionals return to their offices better equipped to meet customer demands?

Nagle: Many prepress professionals don’t have exposure to, or an understanding of, the entire process. They usually are given data acquired throughout the process and use it without an understanding of how it was generated and the impact it could have moving forward. After attending Fall Conference, they will be able to understand and contribute to the overall process and constructively impact their respective company.

FLEXO: Who else should be in the audience for the step-by-step explanation of the print job’s creation? Who stands to gain from the application of general specifications and tolerances to a particular sample?

Nagle: Any employee who should be involved in the pre-production meeting and has a role that impacts a job from preprint to production. The more informed you are on the processes, the better the opportunity for a successful run.

Tabletop Exhibit

FLEXO: At numerous times between and after the technical sessions, Fall Conference’s Tabletop Exhibit will be open. What should attendees walking the exhibit floor be looking for and how can they maximize that time with product and service providers?

Nagle: This is an opportunity to ask those questions that you couldn’t during the sessions. Look for new or differing tools that could aid you in your processes. Network and meet with the industry’s best technical people that would gladly offer a helping hand when you need one.

FLEXO: How is the in-person, one-on-one interaction with exhibitors a better experience than reading a product brochure or visiting a website?

Nagle: I personally retain more information through conversation because I can ask the questions I have at that specific moment while I am focused. There will also be the opportunity to interact with multiple vendors of any one type of product offering.

“The [demo project] on paper would appear not very challenging, but understanding the journey we will go through and how the properly followed steps will allow us to duplicate an offset-printed magazine cover using today’s flexo capabilities will be of high value.”

Keith Nagle, Fall Conference 2019 Program Chair

FLEXO: What can exhibitors do to prepare to make the most of the eager-to-learn flexographers coming to their tabletops?

Nagle: Bring your knowledge and products with a willingness to share. So few actual production employees get the opportunity to meet face to face with many of our industry’s technical minds. These networking opportunities are key to the growth of our industry.

FLEXO: It’s an intimate and tightly-knit affair at the Fall Conference Tabletop Exhibit. How does that benefit both attendees and exhibitors?

Nagle: First and foremost, any opportunity you get to network within our great industry is a benefit. The technical and product knowledge available to each attendee at these breakouts is an opportunity to learn something to take back to your company.

The Venue

FLEXO: You’ve called Charlotte a “hotbed for flexography.” What makes the city an ideal setting for Fall Conference?

Nagle: There are few regions globally that have the concentration of converters, suppliers and educational printing institutes in such close proximity. Taking Fall Conference to Charlotte sets the table for student interaction with potential future employers, converter interaction with suppliers at a technical level not readily available to them on a daily basis, and an overall sharing of information and products that could impact each converter’s business significantly moving forward. I am really looking forward to Charlotte this fall!