Now Part of Fall Conference 2020

Following the cancellation of FORUM 2020 and announcement of Virtual FORUM 2020, this session will now take place at Fall Conference 2020.

Got an opinion on how to fix a defect? Does it differ from your colleague’s solution? Want to see your answers tested live on a running press? For each defect, there can be a handful of causes. Going through them can be costly, time consuming and wasteful. With foresight and data, a press operator can quickly pinpoint and remedy a defect.

Watch as wide and narrow web virtual reality presses are used to demonstrate five common print defects. A panel of industry experts will discuss possible causes and suggest corrective actions. Then, based on interactive audience voting, the highest-rated fix will be demonstrated live on stage. Subject matter experts will further elaborate on each problem and the results of the demonstrated fix.

“A truly ‘hands-on’ experience, live, for hundreds of people at once—The goal sounds simple, but has been impossible to achieve. Through the use of VR, we will provide a closer look into the impacts of our actions/decisions and see how these changes resolve an issue. This experience will allow us to bring the knowledge of our expert panel to life, while allowing the audience to participate and observe the process. We all know learning never ends, and making that learning interactive and fun has us all wanting more.”

FORUM 2020 Chair Hank Welter and Co-Chair Ellen Farrell

Session Panelists

PJ Fronczkiewicz headshot

PJ Fronczkiewicz
Flint Group Flexographic

Karl Nurse
Bay Tech Label

John Kilbo

Marcy Southern headshot

Marcy Southern
PPC Flexible Packaging

Tony Donato headshot

Tony Donato
Harper Corporation of America

Use the event app to vote on the best way to fix each print defect.

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Session Chairs

Bobby Congdon headshot

Bobby Congdon
Clemson University

Dave Nieman headshot

David Nieman
All Printing Resources Inc (APR)