April 22
10:30 a.m. – noon ET


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Graphics quality, production capabilities and efficiencies have advanced significantly in both preprint and postprint printing. Brand owners and converters are tasked with making daily decisions—focusing on quality graphic reproduction, while considering run size and overall cost—that empower them to choose the correct printing process. By investigating quality advancements in today’s preprint technologies and comparing how they rival traditional postprint quality, corrugated printers and their customers are better equipped to make the best decision.

“‘What is expected by our customers, and how can I reach that goal in the most efficient way?’ We all ask ourselves this question every single day. To answer it when considering preprint versus postprint, we have to understand our capabilities, the tools available to us, and have a solid grasp of how we are applying each. This session is designed to help you do just that—understand the variables and help choose the best path forward.”

FORUM 2020 Chair Hank Welter and Co-Chair Ellen Farrell

Presentations & Speakers

Geoff Roznak headshot

Leveling Expectations
Geoff Roznak, Further North LLC

It is crucial to link what brand owners are looking for to printers’ real-world capabilities, and ensure each side effectively communicates with the other. Get a perspective on what brand owners want, as well as a road map for ensuring expectations are level at press. Geoff will lead an exploration of what brand owners are looking for, what they expect, how that aligns with capability and what corrugated printers are selling. The discussion will be specific to corrugated direct print and preprint, but much of what’s to be covered will apply to other converters and printers.

David Straten headshot

Why Is Direct Print Flexo on Corrugated So Attractive Today?
David Straten, Advance Packaging

Why has direct print flexography on corrugated become a valid alternative printing process for consumer product companies recently? Why can we compete with offset litho and other print processes better today? There have been several developments that have matured in recent years and together contribute to the ability to successfully print directly on corrugated board. David will review some of these and explain why companies are being attracted to this print process.

Daniel Lachapell headshot

What Is and What Isn’t Preprint
Daniel Lachapell, Menasha Preprint

How do modern corrugated packaging companies use preprint to not necessarily compete with postprint, but to complement it with a comprehensive offering to support customers and provide the best overall technology package? Join Dan as he sets out to decipher what preprinted linerboard is, what it isn’t, and what myths and expectations should be known prior to pursuing the technology. In addition, we will pinpoint current bottlenecks and determine what we need to do as an industry to improve our processes to perform as well—if not better—than lithography.

Session Chairs

John Rastetter headshot

John Rastetter

Scott Miller headshot

Scott Miller
BCM Inks