April 29
10 a.m. – noon ET


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Visually managing color throughout a pressrun has traditionally been a challenge. Hardware and software available today are designed to assist printers in controlling ongoing color consistency. Using hardware to capture data and software to visualize it enables production crews to print to the numbers and rely on those numbers to ensure color consistency.

  • Hear about the benefits of hardware- and software-based color consistency tools
  • Learn how to collect and analyze data from a pressrun
  • Decipher data generated from color consistency tools to control the pressrun
  • Gain confidence in using worldwide standards and specifications to yield consistent, repeatable, accurate results
  • Identify the source of workflow issues that affect color, among the press, plates, proof, anilox rollers, inks and substrate

“We are fortunate in that we have great hardware tools to measure data, be they handheld, inline or automated. The amount and type of data that can be collected is massive, and that is where software comes into play to define the information you want to assess. Attendees will learn more about the tools, how to collect data and, most importantly, how to interpret that data and use it to improve performance and consistency.”

FORUM 2020 Chair Hank Welter and Co-Chair Ellen Farrell

Presentations & Speakers

Steve Cooney headshot

Managing Color Expectations & Consistency over Production Runs
Steve Cooney, StarPak Ltd

Hear Steve discuss what is necessary for a printer, and brand design and prepress companies, to effectively partner in order to deliver high-quality, consistent pressruns. He’ll focus on how to manage color from the beginning of implementation, throughout a pressrun, to approval—as well as repeat runs and brand reprints.

Scott Thompson headshot

Artwork Submission & Separations
Scott Thompson, SGS

Color consistency and pressroom measurement and control are critical to successful print production. However, the pieces leading up to the printrun can have a major impact on that success if they’re not managed properly. Scott will show how establishing consistency in the preparation and file stages can translate to improved print results and better proof-to-press matching. See how automated color management tools and workflows make this consistency a reality.

Daniel Bohn headshot

Inline Spectral Measurements
Daniel Bohn, BST

Usually, color measurements are only taken at the beginning of a job, whenever the roll is changed and at the end of a job. But what happens in between? If color goes out of tolerance, where in the run did it happen? And if a brand owner asks if color really stayed within tolerance over the whole production, how can a printer definitively prove it did? Inline spectral measurements are the next step in process control. This technology helps printing facilities to continuously track their color performance. Listen to Daniel explain why an inline spectral system is the answer to these questions.

Dan Uress headshot

Analyzing Color Consistency: Making the Most of Your Measurements
Dan Uress, Colorware USA Inc

Investing in and operating a color measurement solution is no small task. There are many to choose from, all require setup and configuration, and the benefits are not always easily acted upon. Dan will explore what data is available and how to interpret it, while managing all of the other demands of a high-quality print production. He’ll cover the different print attributes and what they tell us, how we can tolerance them to determine pass or fail, and when we need to act to ensure customer satisfaction. Since some measurement systems gather significant amounts of data, Dan will also look at how the mass analysis of that data can provide insight to improve our process in the future. Lastly, an introduction to the non-measurable attributes that were not with a spectrophotometer.

Session Chairs

Amy Jungerberg headshot

Amy Jungerberg

Rick Guebert headshot

Rick Guebert
GMG Color