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Identifying & Overcoming Common Print Problems at Forum 2019

Despite flexographers’ best laid plans and adherence to process control, problems still occur. And in a nod to that familiar mantra, “time is money,” it is critical to get back to running the press quickly. Whether these problems are derived from incorrect inputs into the process, or stem from the operation of the press, flexographers must be able to quickly identify and correct.

In Forum 2019’s “The Defectives,” a group of experts in ink, plates, color and production will demonstrate commonly occurring defects such as: incorrect color, incorrect dot gain, poor solids and dirty print. The Defectives will walk through the process of measuring, analyzing, identifying and ultimately correcting the real root cause of each of these defects. Samples demonstrating these four common print issues will be distributed during the Monday morning session.

“The Defectives” will be a single, unified presentation, with speakers applying their expertise to the example defect analysis. Press operators, quality managers and print managers will benefit from hearing from each expert and learning how to “rule out” each potential root cause and determine the real culprit of each defect.

All About “The Defectives”


8 a.m.
10 a.m.
Monday, May 6

Session Co-Chair

Bobby Congdon,
Clemson University

Session Co-Chair

Amy Jungerberg,
Inland Packaging

Speakers & Presentations

Kevin Dittman, Graphic Packaging International

From the production perspective

“I am looking forward to another great Forum where we are able to provide insight on common printing issues from multiple perspectives, as well as providing practical solutions.”

PJ Fronczkiewicz, Flint Group

From the plate perspective

“It can be very difficult to find the root cause of printing problems because oftentimes the same looking defect can be caused by any number of pieces of the printing puzzle. For instance, color being off can be due to prepress mistakes, ink issues, anilox issues, press issues, etc. There is no one answer for any particular problem. So one of the things we hope to do in our session is to not only show how different factors can contribute to the same perceived defect, but also how you can troubleshoot and find the cause in the most efficient way by starting with the easiest and most likely, to the hardest and least likely things to check.”

Roger Poteet, Poteet Printing Systems

From the ink perspective

“We want to teach a thought process to lead attendees to identify the most likely contributors to the printing problems; that is, how to drill down to a root cause, and not just start reacting to print results.”

David Palmieri, CGS

From the color and proofing perspectives

“Our session will focus on defects that are discovered on press, but understanding and rooting out issues that start in prepress is vital to the process. Being able to know, through a sensible process of elimination, what are press issues and what are actually problems with the prepress file can save a lot of time and frustration in production.”

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