Forum 2018 Session Will Highlight Future Flexographers & Research

Forum 2018 logoThis year’s FQC session, “Cultivating Our Future Through Research,” will officially start Forum 2018, beginning at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 6 in the Marriott Ballroom of the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown.

The session opens with a dynamic presentation from Sonoco and Clemson University on their newly formed partnership to establish a multi-disciplinary hub for industry and academic collaboration, and research to address the current and future challenges in fresh food packaging and distribution. This partnership is focused on delivering breakthroughs with the help of the entire packaging industry.

Three educators who are familiar faces at the Phoenix Challenge College Competition will highlight the Challenge program, research and execution of that research. The session will also highlight the future of flexo technology by featuring the very best and brightest research projects conducted by FTA student members: Clemson University’s Thomas Koester, the 2017 FFTA Rossini North America Flexographic Research Scholarship recipient, and Central Piedmont Community College’s Chris Teachout, the 2017 Gary Hilliard FQC Scholarship recipient!

Attendees will also hear the latest information on FTA’s involvement in industry standards, as well as ongoing FQC project updates and final reports from the High-Resolution Printing Project and Plate & Mounting Tape Optimization Project teams. The session will be chaired by Jean Engelke, RR Donnelley and James Stone, VinEquities Inc.

Session Details, Presenters, Discussion Topics

“Sonoco FRESH at Clemson University: Partnership to Optimize the Fresh Food Lifecycle”Jeffrey Schuetz headshot squareBobby Congdon headshot square

Presented by Bobby Congdon, Clemson University and Jeffrey Schuetz, Sonoco Packaging

A recent report suggested a 15 percent reduction in U.S. food waste could feed 25 million people. This is a huge health and socio-economic issue, not just for the U.S. but across the globe. In fact, roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption each year gets lost or wasted, amounting to almost $1 trillion.

To help tackle this issue, Sonoco and Clemson University have created a unique initiative called Sonoco FRESH. The goal of this partnership is to establish a multi-disciplinary hub for industry and academic collaboration to address the current and future challenges in fresh food packaging and distribution. A key component is discovering new technologies and new forms of packaging that can optimize the fresh food lifecycle, especially for fresh produce. This partnership is focused on delivering breakthroughs with the help the entire packaging industry to have a major impact on the distribution of fresh food across the country and around the world.

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“Security Through Variability”Thomas Koester headshot square

Presented by Thomas Koester, Clemson University and the 2017 FFTA Rossini North America Flexographic Research Scholarship recipient

Much of the security printing industry is based on producing a product in a secretive, unique and difficult way that would be discouraging to anyone seeking to replicate the process. Utilization of variable repeat sizes is not a completely new idea and involves using differently sized plate cylinders to produce varying print repeats. This allows for variable artwork to be printed, as well as each repeat to differ from one another. It also adds a degree of difficulty in replicating a pressrun.

Thomas Koester will explore the possibilities of variable repeat printing and examine how much of an asset variable repeats can be as a security feature to the flexographic print and packaging industry.

“Finding the Correlation of Floor Height & Minimum Dot Size”Chris Teachout headshot square

Presented by Christopher Teachout, Central Piedmont Community College and the 2017 Gary Hilliard FQC Scholarship recipient

Presenting a new test to the industry, conference attendees will observe the results of multiple plate types with different floor heights in the hopes of possibly discovering new standards and determining if a different minimum dot size will, in fact, affect different pressruns.

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“It All Starts Here: The Phoenix Challenge Drives Student Awareness, Experience & Research”

Sit with a panel of experts as they discuss important topics regarding today’s youth and their journeys as they enter the flexographic industry. The quartet of panelists will include:

“What It Means to You: New Standards Explained”Steve Smiley headshot squareDanny Rich headshot square

Presented by Dr. Danny Rich, Sun Chemical Corp and Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC

With the printing industry moving rapidly away from publication and into package printing, the content and goals of international standards are also changing at an unprecedented pace. While it is necessary to understand the background and reasons for the development of new standards, the theory alone does not help a flexographic converter to know if a standard will be useful in his or her workflow.

This session will highlight four new standards, describe the whys and wherefores, and explain how they may be useful in the package printing workflow. The objective is to highlight four recently released international standards, explain what they contain and how they can be used in a flexographic workflow.