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This year’s Forum begins with a bang—a Big Bang, you might even say—with Sunday’s final session, titled, “Flexo Boldly Goes Where No Process Has Gone Before.” This is a feel-good experience for everyone in our industry, as it celebrates the distance flexo has traveled and applications that, in some cases, may only be done on a flexo press.

The enhanced flexo capabilities being covered in “Flexo Boldly Goes Where No Process Has Gone Before” are not your everyday applications (at least, not yet) but some are becoming a reality as we speak. Those capabilities and the companies discussing them:

• Digimarc will demonstrate enhanced product coding embedded in graphics. This removes the need for ugly targets that occupy valued real estate on a package

• High-resolution security features containing elements smaller than 5-μm. that are able to be held on a flexo press, and a micro-lens array that increases the capability of movement and dimensional effects, will be discussed by Imageworx

• Lumii, a start-up company that uses powerful computing capability to produce holographic effects without the need for additional materials or substrates. It can calculate ways to produce moiré-like effects

• Nth Degree will speak about printing optoelectronics, or LEDs, to produce light for packaging and other applications. Its sister company, Printed Energy, will show how it prints batteries for this lighting and other applications

All About “Flexo Boldly Goes Where No Process Has Gone Before”


4 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
Sunday, May 5

Session Co-Chair

Catherine Haynes headshot squareCatherine Haynes, All Printing Resources Inc (APR)

Session Co-Chair

Doug Weiss headshot squareDoug Weiss,

Speakers & Presentations

“Connected Flexible Packaging”

Presented by: Derek Awalt and Kristyn Falkenstern, Digimarc

We live in a connected society. Active, interactive and intelligent packaging is not only connecting consumers to brands and retailers, but also connecting the entire supply chain. Technologies like Digimarc Barcode are being implemented in all packaging types throughout the package journey, driving efficiencies in inventory control, consumer purchasing and collecting data from manufacturing to post-purchase consumer scanning.

Learn about the various technologies that enable connected flexible packaging and their roles in ensuring successful implementation in the flexo community. Look at the increased value of flexible connected packaging throughout the entire supply chain.

“Enhanced Prepress Capabilities”

Presented by: Jerry Toepfer and Jeff Toepfer, Imageworx

Three topics discussed by two presenters from one top prepress company:

  • Sero HDM screening, a new high-definition screening technology developed for use with Kodak Flexcel NX plates, developed to broaden the color gamut range for flexo printers while printing clean highlights that fade away smoothly without a visible dot structure
  • High-resolution security flexo. This topic will feature examples of micro-imaging/patterning, hidden printed imagery, security inks/pigments, anti-counterfeit flexo solutions and security decoding
  • Micro-optical lens array/3D labeling. This topic will discuss a new printing technique that uses micro-optical lens arrays to magnify high-resolution flexo imagery, resulting in brilliant 3D and animated illusion effects for flexo labeling

Grab a front-row seat to the presentation that could change your print forever.

“Computing for Human Vision and the Press”

Presented by: Matt Hirsch, Lumii

The field of computational optics has driven innovation in fields as diverse as photography, virtual and augmented reality, and medicine. Join Matt Hirsch as he discusses the basics of the human visual system, and the methods used in the research community to create novel visual effects with familiar materials. The talk will include a discussion of the possibilities, challenges, and implications of Lumii’s computational approach to printing for the future of packaging and flexography.

Learn how applying machine learning computational approaches to flexographic printing can create 3D images, motion effects and simulate the visual appearance of costly materials with standard plastic label film, and standard ink.

“A New Generation of Holographic Effects on Flexo Presses, Enabled by Computation”

Presented by: Tom Baran, Lumii

Understand how applying machine learning computational approaches to flexographic printing can create 3D images, motion effects, and simulate the visual appearance of costly materials with standard plastic label film, and standard ink. In this presentation, Tom Baran will cover the origins of the ideas that have led to this technological breakthrough, as well as how it can be applied to real-world problems in packaging and labeling today.

Attendees will learn new capabilities that are coming to flexographic printing presses thanks to algorithmic innovation and machine learning scale computation. These developments have big implications for both brands and suppliers in the packaging industry, and audience members will gain new insight into what is possible today and what will be possible tomorrow.

“Printing Light: Flexographic Printing of Micro-LEDs”

Presented by: William J. Ray, Nth Degree and Alexandra Hartman, Printed Energy

Inexpensive printing of electronics represents the next phase of packaging and security printing. This presentation will both physically demonstrate the result of such flexographic printing and illustrate how these flexographic products dramatically change packaging and security products from passive to dynamic and active.

Flexographic printers and converters will learn about this new technology and see how easy it is to enter the world of printed electronics with wirelessly powered packaging, while using existing equipment.

This is something that is completely different and represents a significant value add to your product line!

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