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A Look at Award-Winning Prints at Forum 2019

How can you improve your odds in the annual FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards competition? The first—and most obvious—way, is to print better.

But it also helps to understand the intricacies of the competition, and that is where Forum 2019 will finish its four days of flexo with “Anatomy of a Winner: Dissecting the Process.” Presentations in the conference-ending session will dig into the history of the Excellence in Flexography Awards, tracking changes in the judging criteria and reviewing the documents needed to enter; put that criteria to work by examining a Best of Show-winning print from the 2018 competition and comparing it with a defect-laden version; and hear testimonial from printers who have entered, won and lost in past competitions, as they discuss the benefits and employee morale boost that come with an award.

All About “Anatomy of a Winner: Dissecting the Process”


10:30 a.m.
Wednesday, May 8

Session Co-Chair

Keith Nagle headshot square

Keith Nagle,
Phoseon Technology

Session Co-Chair

Scott Mcleod,
Transcontinental Robbie

Speakers & Presentations

“Introduction to Excellence in Flexography Awards Judging”

Presented by: Lon Robinson, Tension Corp

See some history of the Excellence in Flexography Awards competition and an examination of the current judging process. We’ll start with a review of the brochure and entry form, then move toward review of the rules and a summary of the overall judging process. Finally, there will be a discussion about the importance of the Technical Data Sheet and how it is used during the judging.

“Nuts and Bolts of Sample Review”

Presented by: Sean Teufler, Harper Corporation of America and Ed Dedman, Zeller + Gmelin

This presentation will review judging criteria of submitted samples and provide insight on the judging process. Sean and Ed will examine last year’s Best of Show winners and a comparable pressrun utilizing the exact same setup. The comparison will set out to show how we spot the differences and what creates a winning sample. Print samples will be included so attendees can follow along in the presentation.

“And, What’s in It for ME?”

Presented by: Paul Lancelle, Kodak

What are the real benefits of participating in the FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards competition, and what do companies that choose to submit entries really gain from it? In wrapping up the session, we’ll take a few minutes to uncover the answers to these questions by soliciting feedback from printers who have experienced both the highs and lows of submitting entries. We’ll also learn more about different approaches taken by these printers toward the recognition and celebration of an award-winning entry.

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