Archived Webinars

Below is a list of webinars that we hosted throughout the year. If you are a current FTA Member and would like to view the webinars please visit this page and enter the password provided. If you need the password please contact our Membership Department at 631-737-6020 ext. 11.


January – Color Theory and Practice: Human Vision through CIE LAB and ∆E

Presented by: Mark Samworth, Esko

March – Mounting Tape Optimization for Print Quality and Productivity

Presented by: Jamie Eggleston, 3M


January – Production Tools for Printers

Presented by: Michael Hunter, Lean Scheduling International

February – What is G7?

Presented by: Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates, LLC

April – A Deep Dive into Expanded Gamut Color Profiles

Presented by: Mark Samworth, Esko

June – Ink Basics: Water-based, UV, Solvent & What They Print On

Presented by: Keith Nagle, ACTEGA

August – What Does a 50% Pantone 281 Look Like?

Presented by: John Seymour, John the Math Guy, LLC

September – Ink Metering 101

Presented by: Bill Poulson, Harper Corporation of America

October – What’s Next with Corrugated Printing

Presented by: Kevin McLaughlin, Flexo Concepts

December – How Plate Surface Texturization Improves Ink Transfer

Presented by: Doug Weiss, Kodak


January – FTA Technical Innovation in Action: The FLEXO Magazine Cover Project

Presented by: Mark Samworth, Esko

April 2 – Prototyping, Proofing and Color Consistency

Presented by:
Jessica Harrell, Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. and Heath Luetkens, CGS Publishing Technologies

April 23 – Complementing Flexography With Digital Print

Presented by: Phil Edwards, PrintSure

May – QD Ink Proofing Flat Bed Multi-Process Printing System

Presented by: Tony Donato, Harper Corporation of America

June – Sustaining Energy Savings in a Manufacturing Facility

Presented by: Mike Stowe, Advanced Energy

August – Decorative Technologies: Give Your Packaging the Knockout Punch

Presented by: Robert Wray & Chris Baldwin, Nilpeter

September – Starting a Sustainability Program: Where to Begin

Presented by: Debra Jacobson, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC)

October – Controlling Press Bounce

Presented by: Rich Emmerling & Jordan Gorski, Flint Group Flexographic Products

December – Tracking Your Print Performance

Presented by: David Hunter, Pilot Marketing Group


March – Doctor Blade Metering

Presented by: Tony Donato, Harper Corporation of America

June – Selecting the Right Mounting Tape for Your Process

Presented by: Ann Michaud, 3M

July – Basic Color Theory & Color Measurement

Presented by: Mark Mazur, DuPont Packaging Graphics

August – Showcasing Your Flexographic Product

Presented by: Paul Lancelle, All Printing Resources; Joe Tuccitto, Flexographic Technical Association

September – Printed Electronics

Presented by: Malcolm Keif and Colleen Twomey, Cal Poly State University

October – The New Color Exchange Format: Everything You Need to Know About ISO 17972-4

Presented by: Steve Smiley, SmileyColor & Associates LLC.

December – FLEXO – A Year in Review

Presented by: Brad Pareso, FLEXO Magazine

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